Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh happy day!

A while ago, my very clever friend Cathy suggested we do a swap - a box for socks for something she'd created.

I told her to surprise me. Today I got my parcel, and it was more fun than Christmas! It was one of Cathy's tinnies! I was seriously impressed, and I suspect Cathy might know me better than I thought she did.

First up we have the tin - it's old, red, oval and it's got a beautiful picture of magnolias, one of my favourite garden flowers.

Tinnie #1

Oh my goodness! Orange!

Tinnie #2

And here's where I fainted from the beauty.

Tinnie # 3

A variety of vintage sheeting in oranges and yellows. Vintage Sheridan canvas weight fabrics in browns and oranges. Broderie trim. Lace trim. Crochet thread in varous shades of bone. And vintage (sigh) buttons.

Thanks so much Cathy. You have totally figured me out. I had no idea that so much excitement and happiness could be gained from a simple tin box!


  1. Nice!! What a lovely, thoughtful gift.

  2. Ha ha, I also received a Tinnie today (see my post), aren't they the best? Send me an email about your prize in my giveaway!

  3. It even has my fave butterflies, and that gorgeous piece of orange sheridan....and buttons (should I go on)?

  4. Oh my goodness- I LOVE the oranges!

  5. ooooo... how beautiful! lucky luck you!

  6. So glad it's perfect. The Magnolias were a good guess. I knew you liked gardening and flowers but that was about it.

  7. ooh! A Tinnie!!!! You lucky duck, it looks awesome.

  8. What a great thing to receive. I have some sheeting in a very similar pattern and love it too! x

  9. What a fantastic idea, you would have on top of the world ALL day!


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