Monday, October 19, 2009

Progress is in the eye of the crafter

With reference to my post last week, I have some progress to report.

a) Quilt row sewn, although I have still much more to do on it. For now, I need a little break from it. No photos, as I'm sure you all need a little break from it too.

b) Well, hello lovely red Malabrigo scarf, in all your unblocked glory!

Malabrigo scarf, unblocked

c) The sewing table. I'm not too sure I should be bothering. It's gotten worse, and now appears to have become the household's dumping ground. Half of this stuff is not even mine. The exercise band, for example? Totally not mine. The black plastic bag is holding a brand new men's wallet. And I'm not a man. Only one other person lives in this house and he is. A man. Just sayin'.

The sewing table gets worse

Will Michelle ever start her crocheted sock? Will the promise of New Yarn arriving soon for a New Project encourage her to clear off the sewing table? Stay tuned!


  1. Good to see your scarf is finished . My sewing table looks worse than that and thats why the word shove was invented .

  2. Oh dear....doens't look like you can sew much there at the moment!
    Why is it that other people crafty messes look so much prettier than your own?

  3. hey they looks like my sewing table - I am glad I am not the only one.

    That scarf is great. I think it is the nicest bit of crochet I have ever seen.

  4. It does look like there are some barriers to successful crafting happening there. The scarf looks beautiful.

  5. Oooh. That scarf is delish. Great color. I am knitting a poncho in that same color right now.

  6. You can do it!! Look, you finished the scarf, that's progress right?!

  7. Lovely scarf.

    I tend to find that if there is a messy surface/room other household members treat it as the junk area too. On the other hand, if there is a clean surface, stuff gets dumped there too. Erik, in particular, is not keen on the 'tidy' look, though he doesn't mind putting things inside other things (qf. 'toast in mummy's shoe') and he's jsut now put the camera back on the shelf from where he dragged it this morning

  8. Just your desk looks like that? It looks like a fair representation of my life!

    The scarf looks great unblocked, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's been blocked.

  9. eeek - that's how my dining table looks!
    Your scarf, though, is simply MAGNIFIQUE ma cherie!

  10. I swear I was about to post about my sewing table which is definately being used as a dumping ground. It sits on a crossroads, literally with four doors surrounding it...I think I will still post it and shame myself into cleaning it up!

  11. Looks like your table is in a similar state to my whole house. Really should be doing something about it instead of internetting, but the two little ones are happily playing with the playdough and if I get up they will stop.....that's a good enough reason to stay isn't it???


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