Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things I learned on Wednesday

* You really can get a fever and chills with hayfever.

* Getting four parcels in one day is a huge thrill. I got my Sew Hip subscription with a Cloth Kit included; an enormous giveaway prize; some inspiring art from Etsy; and a Handyman magazine (the Handyman magazine was not mine).

* It makes me feel happy I see people being kind to each other.

* Curried sausages will burn if you leave them by themselves while you go outside and pick snow peas.

* I quite like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


  1. Beautiful photo - love a snowball.

  2. Hayfever is evil and should be prevented and chased away at all costs

  3. I agree trashalou, outlaw hayfever!

  4. Look at that flower! Fabulous!

    And parcels! Hmm, can we see, can we see?

  5. Oh how I love visits from the postman. For the parcels, natch. Whose giveaway did you score? How fun!


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