Monday, November 16, 2009

Can't sew - too busy being inspired

Handmade Nation

My copy of Handmade Nation arrived today. Thanks Justine!

I enjoyed watching it this time even more than when I saw it in Melbourne in March (and that was fabulous in itself, because Faythe was there).

I did feel guilty not attending to my sewing obligations. However I think the inspiration I gained was worth it.


  1. My favourite poem starts out thus: What is this life If full of care We have no time To stop and stare. I think that applies to inspiration too. Cherrie

  2. I've posted the full poem for you and so I don't forget it either. I think it was the inspiration for my life long love for cows. Cherrie

  3. I'm jealous: I haven't seen it yet and spent my last DVD money on a copy of Objectified ( Perhaps you'd like to do a loan swap?

  4. I want to see it too! and BTW I love your amazing Amanda top - so pretty and gorgeously red!

  5. How fab is it, I love the bit when Jenny Hart says embroidery is better than any drugs or therapy she's ever tried - hilarious!


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