Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zipper me this

This is the photo I took at 6 o'clock this morning, an hour after I got out of bed due to a bad dream that I couldn't shake. Don't you hate those? The bad dreams? Luckily it was nice and cool in the house after a couple of really hot days, so with a cup of coffee and the radio on I was a happy girl in my sewing room, dream almost forgotten.

I've just put my etsy shop on vacation for the next week or so. In case you are wondering what I am up to, don't worry - it's not permanent. I'll be back with new stock and better photos soon. I had to consolidate my stock and work out what I needed to make - with a request for bags for a school fete this Friday night, and also a re-stock of bags for Material Arts in Braidwood.

Speaking of Braidwood, the quilt event is on at the end of November. I haven't been for a couple of years, but I am going this year on Saturday, for the airing of the quilts. One year I might also enter a quilt into the show.

But of course, that would take some kind of organisation on my part.

I don't want to push it.

In the meantime I have 25 bags in various stages on unmade-ness that need my attention. Thank heavens for public holidays, hey?


  1. Love the photo! Hope you have a productive day and get lots of bags finished. Have fun! xo

  2. Do Canberrans get the Melbourne Cup Public holiday, or is it renamed something else?

  3. Thank heavens indeed. What a gorgeous photo of hard work.

  4. we went to the coast for the extra long weekend - and sadly the gallery at braidwood was closed when we came back yesterday. boo hoo.

  5. Love the zips, such a sign of productivity


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