Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting some perspective

A month or so ago, a customer got in contact with me and made some very helpful suggestions for my Etsy store. She suggested that I include photos of the vintage sheeting I use as the lining for each bag, and also to include an item next to the bag so the customer could better relate to the size.

Apple for size #2

I thought they were both great ideas, and the search was then on to find a suitable item to compare size that everyone could relate to. I could use a cotton spool, but not everyone sews. If I used a jar of vegemite mostly the Australians could relate but not many other people. A ball of yarn? A lot of my customers aren't knitters or crocheters, so would they be able to work out what size I was comparing the bag to?

Apple for size

I ended up deciding on a medium-sized apple. Hopefully the concept of the medium-sized apple is the same the world over!

The shop has new stock and new photos in it. There will be more in the shop on offer once I get my poor, sick (and very old) overlocker back from the sewing machine repair guy. I haven't been able to sew all weekend and I'm getting a little twitchy, although thankfully the weekend has happened at a furious pace so the twitchiness hasn't been as bad as expected. Hopefully it's back with a clean bill of health very soon.


  1. Agree with the picture of the sheeting.

    You could include a ruler/ tape measure and be done with it...

  2. There nothing worse than being overlockerless or sewing machineless.... I'm hoping for a speedy recovery!
    The photos are lovely and I think the apple idea is extremely cute.

  3. The apple is a great idea unless you used some hormone-induced freak of nature?

  4. Oh the apple looks very sweet & wholesome!!

  5. I like the apple, although size may vary... other than sporting equipment (tennis/golf balls), or a tape measure, not sure what else could go with a pouch.

    Another suggestion- do a diagram showing the dimensions for each style (you know, with the arrows and inches/cm)? For my jewellery, I used my hands to give an idea of scale.

  6. I like the apple too! It somehow "goes" with the nature of the pouches. I suppose an alternative would be to include pictures of the pouches with things in them - knitting, crocheting, cosmetics, notions, whatever else you think people might use them for? (but that's probably an added complication!)

  7. That's a really good point of reference.

    And of course, you could always throw in the odd orange for fun (except for something about comparing apples and oranges!)

  8. I love the apple idea.
    My new pfaff is out of action too! and I need to get it back to newcastle for a warranty repair. I am VERY twitchy.

    thanks for the broadbeans - yummmm

  9. entirely tongue in cheek::
    don't forget to include either
    "apple not included"
    or my favourite on all packaging
    "serving suggestion only"

  10. I like to take some of my pictures with scale objects too (though just for the blog and for my own reference). I've used fruit but wondered about differing sizes of fruit. I've also used standard plastic laundry pegs (odd? at first I was just in a hurry and grabbed something). I guess a ruler is the only truly international option. But the apple is more fun!

  11. I agree, they're good ideas. The apple's a really sweet idea, pun not intended.

    If you wanted to go down the measuring tape path, a old fold up wooden ruler would look cool I reckon.

  12. I love the apple idea. Great point of reference.


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