Saturday, June 5, 2010

In the meantime ...

Autumn leaves

... there have been autumn leaves ...

Nandina berries

... Nandina berries brightening up the winter garden ...

St Kilda vs Adelaide

... an AFL match ...

Green Heron Shawl

... and another shawl.


  1. Lovely colour in the shawl. Thanks for your help yesterday, tWas lovely to have some company.

  2. Ooooh, check out that beautiful shawl! Now that is GREEN!

  3. Pretty stitches in that shawl and I love the action shot :)

  4. Those leaves were made for that scarf...such a great green...

  5. Gorgeous shawl. I have to admit to being lazy with the raking of leaves, I have resorted to mowing over them and collecting them in the catcher for relocation to the compost bin or the garden as mulch!

  6. Sorry to comment you rather than email but I lost your email when my laptop was stolen.

    Yamu at Dickson Library is looking for someone to help run a public programme to yarn bomb their trolleys. If you can help (or know anyone who can) could you email her on

  7. Ooo! Your pictures scream winter to me!

    My brother is very happy that his team (Hawks) have found their mojo at last!

  8. Beautiful shawl, and a lovely looking garden behind it! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden in the Veg About!


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