Thursday, November 18, 2010

Never say never again

Like a phoenix rising

A friend asked me to collaborate on a project with her.

Not having heaps of spare time in my life at the moment (absolutely none, actually) I said "yes".

Why? Because I can't resist the idea of two creative minds coming together and having lots of fun with hand dyed yarns and summer-inspired fabrics. And because I really, really wanted to.

(And also, if John Farnham can keep saying "goodbye", then dammit so can I.)

Intrigued? Stay tuned.


  1. I'm definitely intrigued, and so darn happy to see you back here!

  2. Very intrigued. Sounds like a perfect combination.

  3. I got many compliments on my buttontree lane sack bag at my stitch n bitch in melbourne - and a few querying whether you would go back into business, so I will direct them here to find out what you and Carrie are up to!

  4. I wonder what you're up to. Have missed you around these parts.

  5. 100% intrigued. Good luck with your project!!! How exciting... and yes... never say never.


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