Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sneak Peek

Summer, originally uploaded by Buttontree Lane.

Carrie and I have created a yarn/sack kinda club called "Four Seasons Yarn and Sack Club".

Each season, inspired by the colours and feelings of that season, we will be selecting the perfect range of fabrics and yarn colours to coordinate. If you sign up for one of the (very limited - like about 20!) places, you will receive a Buttontree Lane Project sack, a skein of handpainted sock yarn, and a little treat, all inspired by the season! *

Sign ups commence on Sunday night at Carrie's Etsy store. At 6 pm Canberra time! I'm not too sure exactly what time at this stage, but come back here later on tonight or tomorrow morning and I'll tell you. Or if you're on Ravelryy, sign up for the Fibrewebs group.

The beauty is you don't have to sign up for all four seasons - just each season as it comes around. Perfect, for example, if you're not an autumn person!

*And don't worry - no Christmas fabrics or colours were selected!

** Also, the photo is just an example of the colours and fabrics you might receive.


  1. Well... that is a fabulous photo bursting with such vibrant colours... mmm... you're really really tempting me here.

  2. Now that's one way of getting my excitement level up! This will be virtually impossible to resist...

  3. What a fantastic idea! I'm loving that spotty one btw...

  4. Inspired idea - I love it already!

  5. Oh that's such a lovely selection of yarn and bags. I so wish I had a disposable income. Will be stalking etsy tomorrow night anyway :-)

  6. Great idea for a (kinda) club!


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