Monday, September 26, 2011


I had a couple of little sewing projects to do on Saturday which didn't involve Not Sorbetto dresses, or indeed anything overly complicated.

A couple of years ago I bought a red long-sleeved t-shirt that was a lovely fit, but when I got it home in the natural light I realised it was that shade of lurid red that I don't actually like to wear. I kept it in my ironing basket, and every few months would try it on again to see if the red still burned my retinas. Yep - it still did.

So on the weekend I applied some common sense (rare. Very rare) and thought that if I added a lighter patch to the front of the shirt, it might tone it down a little.

My first sewing project of the day was using a lovely piece of Yardage Design screen printed fabric I had set aside for my Tequila Sunrise quilt. I cut out a rectangle. overlocked the edges, pinned it onto my shirt, then stitched it.

Appliqued tee

It's such a striking design, that fabric. And clever. Can you see the {!}?

So project one was done and I now have a wearable tee. Time to move onto sewing project number 2 - a birthday present for a friend's 40th.

I had decided to make her some elegant coathangers. I love nice coathangers. My mum makes me crocheted ones that are amazing, but I didn't feel like crocheting any myself. I used a Cath Kidston pattern from the book "Sew" instead.


First up I made one for myself, as a test. It's sewn by hand, except for the ends which I used the machine for because as much as I love hand sewing, it was all getting a little ridiculous. And my hands were really hurting by the time I'd finished four of them.


I was really happy with them when they were done. I think the birthday girl appreciated them too. Each coathanger uses a 6" x 24" piece of fabric, so it's perfect for those 6" ends of yardage you always have left over when making a quilt. My favourite touch though is the bias binding covering of the hook.

Everyone I love is getting one of these for Christmas. Family - you have been warned.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Yes my favourite part is the bias binding too, very purdy indeed!

  2. Nice top.I love red but I know the problem, very wearable now.
    I like the coat hangers as well. I like to use covered hangers for all my things

  3. I love a nice covered hanger too! Who wouldn't love a Kaffe Fasset one?!

  4. Love the top, can't believe it's too red for you, with the tights you wear haha. And the hangers look great, I have that book too, better get cracking on my little Xmas list!

  5. Let me just I in your family?

  6. Very much appreciated - Thank You!

  7. These coathangers are so cute - love the fabric choices - just love them !

    I know what you mean about the t-shirt debacle, I too do stuff like that. I blame the lightning in the shops..grrr. Your solution is GENUIS ! - it works and the tee looks far smarter :D

  8. I want one! Me please! Hmmm...think I may have some naked wooden hangers that may get an outfit to wear...


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