Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self Stitched September

Six months ago I participated in Me-Made-March, where every day for 31 days I wore something I'd made. I was amazed that I had so much to wear that was me-made, but it was still warm and most of my clothes were made for warm weather.

Me-Made-June came and went. Being home on sick leave for all of June, I didn't think anyone would want to see photos of my cupcake pyjamas, mainly because I didn't make them. So I abstained.

Then Zoe from So, Zo ... what do you know? announced Self Stitched September. "Ooh!" I thought. "I can deffo do that!" So I signed up.

The reality, however, is that while I have a few winter skirts that I have made, and a crocheted cardigan, I don't have much else when it comes to cool weather me-made clothing. For instance, this is what I wore to work today.

SSS11 - September 1

I've already looked through my wardrobe for tomorrow (otherwise known as casual Friday) and I have maybe two skirts I could wear, but all I really want to wear tomorrow is jeans. But I have no me-made top to wear with it.

I think that Self Stitched September may become a problem if I don't damn well sew something, and quickly.

Luckily I have some nice patterns on hand to try out. These are all from Style Arc, an Australian pattern company.

I like the soft cowl neckline on the Emma top. I am attending my brother's wedding in Brisbane next month and this is on the "maybe I could make and wear this" list. Mainly because I like natural fibres like cotton and silk, and everything in the shops for spring is polyester. Polyester is a really sweaty fabric on me. I don't like to sweat, especially not at my own brother's wedding on a very warm (no doubt) October afternoon.

I also have the pattern for the Katherine blouse. I can see this style will be very useful in my wardrobe.

Style Arc have some great looking skirt patterns. This one caught my eye, as it's so similar to my old fallback skirt pattern Simplicity 5208, but it has POCKETS!

Of course I just need to find some time to make myself something. At the moment I am waist deep in fabric making 27 project sacks for Carrie's club, and I've just started a new job this week which is keeping me on my toes. I may have to struggle through the first couple of weeks with wearing me-made accessories and things I've mended or taken in.

There's an idea - Me-Mended-May. I think I might be onto something.


  1. Pockets! Yes! It is so good to see that pockets seem to be making a comeback in clothes for women! So practical! And fun! I am loving pockets! I also really like the Katherine blouse. Can't wait to see what fabrics you choose for these patterns!

  2. Hi Michelle, I love those patterns. I'll still find your efforts to SSS inspiring with the handmade accessories. And hopefully spring will warm reasonably soon. The days are already starting to warm, its just the starts and finishes that bite. BTW I'm working in Civic one day a week for the next 8 weeks. I'll drop you an email and see if we can do lunch.

  3. WoW you look great love the red tights ! ..That skirt is such a wonderful shape and I love a pocket too. I really like both the tops but I really love the neckline of the Emma top :) ..looking forward to seeing what you make, your such a crafting wiz !

  4. Thanks Michelle for the link to Style Arc patterns! I have bought the Emma top too - just looks delicious - & on sale - Yes! Also bought Sally top - love the thought of a wrap top being so versatile! Have you made any of their patterns before? Any hints for newbie-me?


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