Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September, September, September

Somewhere along the way I neglected to blog my Self Stitched September efforts from September 18. And looky there - it's half an hour away from September 29.


So, September 18. Uh. Seems I was so busy making the Not Sorbetto tea dress that day that I forgot to take a photo. I was definitely wearing a me-made skirt though. Promise.

September 19 - a jolly 26 degrees forecast for today! Time for the summer gear! This time I've made both the skirt and the top.

SSS11 - September 19

September 20 - this might have been the day when I hated all my clothes, hated being photographed every morning and hated the world in general. No photo, nothing me-made. Move along now.

September 21 - By the special scowl I'd say I'm starting to really hate that early morning sun. Cooler day, so the tights collection doesn't get packed away for the season after all. Skirt is the usual me-made favourite.

SSS11 - September 21

September 22 - Note to self. Just because it's going to be 22 degrees today doesn't mean it's OK to stand outside when it's still only 2 degrees without a coat. Me-made skirt.

SSS11 - September 22

September 23 - Since entering my 40s, I've stopped worrying about what others think of me. This includes whether they think I'm a complete loon for wearing stripes on stripes. Me-made crocheted cardi, me-made zipper brooch and me-refashioned leggings (they were tights).

SSS11 - September 23

September 24 - I was going to stay home all day and sew but ended up going to a rental open house for an interstate friend. This photo was taken after I'd had 2 coffees and a chai. I'm all about the caffeine this afternoon. Me-made cardigan, same as yesterday, and me-made kanzashi brooch.

SSS11 - September 24

September 25 (have you fallen asleep yet? I have). This is the tea dress. I love this dress. This is actually what I wore today, to high tea.

SSS11 - September 24

September 26 - my last day of being 41 years old and dammit I was going to wear orange and I didn't care who hated it. Because I freaking loved it. Hated the me-made skirt though - it kept falling down and I really need to fix it.

SSS11 - September 26

September 27 - I'm protesting the fact my birthday didn't fall on a public holiday this year by wearing something truly pretty to work.  Me-made frock.

SSS11 - September 27

September 28 - now I'm 42 years (and one day) old, I care even less about what people think of me. Mixing stripes and plaid? BRING IT ON.

SSS11 - September 28

So two days to go for Self Stitched September. TWO!

A kid who might one day be able to go completely Aunty Chelle-made is my youngest nephew, who turns one on Friday. I bought some plain tees and sewed some patches on them. Took me 40 minutes and a whole lot of love.

Appliqued tees for Felix's first birthday


  1. I love your outfits! I love that you're mixing stripes and plaid. I love your shoes and tights. I love the fact that you don't care what people think. I love your narrative. Okay, enough love.

  2. All great outfits, it's good to have your own style. You make me laugh too!

  3. Happy birthday! Love love love your birthday outfit! Also loving the stripes on stripes! You can do (almost) anything with denim!

  4. You had me chuckling all the way through this one. Love your sense of style!

  5. Heya, I found you whilst blog hopping you do and just had to comment. What a glam chicky babe you are. I adore your frocks, love the stripey on stripes day and want your crochet cardi for myself. Oh and your tights. Adore. Can I ask where i might find some in such awesome colors. Great blog and so nice to have found you. Jay xx

  6. Don't know what I love more, the outfits or....the shoes! You have an awesome collection! So coordinated!

  7. Nice! Also, I love the shoes you are wearing with the high tea dress <3

  8. Wow, you are prolific and so well dressed! I am also impressed about the many pairs of shoes!

  9. Loving your styles! Your tea dress is ADORABLE!!! And the crochet cardi, & the plaids & stripes, shoes & even just the zing of colour. Really enjoyed seeing all these together! And happy belated birthday too :-)

  10. Sept 23 is my favourite outfit by far. Stripes on stripes -bring it I say! Love your work Michelle, always inspiring.


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