Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ain't gonna mess around

Cable broadband was installed this morning. No more crappy 16 kbps connections! I can blog, check, comment, upload and download all in half an hour. Love it.!Gives me more time to quilt and crochet.

Botteh was going great guns. Sure I had to pull out one triangle 3 times during "What about Brian" the other night, but it was all settled by the time the girls from Farside Quilters came over on Monday night. So I crocheted and crocheted, and at the end of the night I laid my Botteh on the table ... and I've made a huge mistake. In the last two triangles. I'll have to rip it out.

Good progress was made

And after reading happyspider's opinion of the Bendy cotton, I'm going to get some to make this.

I've managed to snaffle two days off from the new job. Friday I'll be working at the quilt show most of the day, but tomorrow is a day which is all mine. I have bought a lovely Vogue jacket pattern, and I intend to make something with it.


  1. Yay for broadband!!

    The scarf is looking really cool, what an interesting pattern (even if you do have to rip out a bit, sigh). The new pattern looks lovely, too!

  2. Ah... now I see how the scarf is going to work. What a great pattern!!
    Enjoy your two days off!! :) Where is the quilt show on? I gather it's over the weekend too?

  3. Thanks Jejune and Neet!

    Neet, the quilt show is on at EPIC in Mitchell from today until Sunday - it's part of the craft show out there. I think there are 150 Canberra Quilters quilts being displayed!

  4. Michelle, what a shame to rip that gorgeous scarf!! If I were you I'd be so tempted to try to fit an extra triangle in that space where the four are 'meeting' and turn it into something else. The gap in the photo looks like it's just the right size! It could be an escher! Ooh... that's a good idea for a design theme...

  5. I think I see the problem....oopps. What a bummer. Very clever pattern though, its looking great.

    Enjoy your days off (sounds like they are very much needed), and especially the craft show. Hoping to mkae it, will drop in and say hi!

  6. Ooh, I'm definitely going to come to the craft show!! Because YAY I have a free weekend!! See you all there hopefully!

  7. Very cool scarf! =)
    and cable broadband high-fives!


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