Saturday, August 4, 2007

I know not a thing - only that the sky is blue and sometimes grey

New ripple scarf

It's been a week of distractions - new job, two days of headaches, a heap of Blythe dresses made and sold, and two quilts to get ready for the quilt show. I was really in no fit state to start the Botteh scarf, so I crocheted another Float Away scarf in the green Jet I bought when waiting in town for Scott on Monday. And here's a photo of your tax dollars at work - Al modelled it for me at the Knit In on Friday.

It's my new favourite scarf, and wearing it on Thursday night to Canberra Quilters influenced a certain non-blogging knitter to give it a go. Last text message I got today was that she was up to row 5. Yes! Another happy hooker!

In the meantime, my mood improved somewhat to start the Botteh scarf. It's one of those patterns that you think should be impossible, but when it comes together you go "oooh that's SO clever".

Botteh WIP Day 1

So the sleeves and labels were sewn onto the two quilts I've entered into the show, and a trip to the southside to drop them off resulted in my first ever trip to the Mawson wool store. Yummy, yummy - I didn't come away with much, but did find some olive coloured Country Silk on special, and then I indulged in some of Jejune's cards and a few balls of Freedom Spirit wool in a red colourway.

No photos of the yarn, but here's one of the quilts that will be on show at the quilt show next weekend.

Cobargo Square

And I'm going to have to buy me a ball winder and a skein holder. Jacqui the non-blogging knitter loaned me hers for the weekend and I am so totally in love with the concept of not having to rely on the husband for yarn-winding support. He gets bored, relaxes his arms, and you know what happens next.


  1. I adore that scarf, the colours are just gorgeous! And stunning work on the quilt too - looks like I will just have to make it to the show!

    Im glad the silk is coming along so well - I can't see how it will come together yet so Im excited to see how it progresses!

  2. And I am glad that you did not quote my text message verbatim!!

    A certain non-blogging knitter has finished her scarf, in pink Jet, and is wearing it today.

    Happy the wool winding is going so well.

  3. I could not get a spare word in on Thursday night with everyone with so much to catch up on, but I was trying to tell you how much I loved the scarf in real life! The little loops at the edges are so cool.
    Sounds like we almost ran into each other at the quilt drop off as i was there at a very similar time. Unlike you I did not go wool shopping, I went home to 4 kids with the flu!
    See you over the weekend for sure!

  4. Your Cobargo quilt is just beautiful, I love the colours and patterns. My brother and mum (and their families) live in Cobargo - it's a vibrant place, which is well reflected in your design :)

  5. Ooh... is that the Cobargo quilt? That makes sense... I can see it there in the rolling green lush hills ... amongst all the cows and beatiful people. Small world... my parents live in Cobargo. I'm getting married there next year. I firmly believe there is somthing magical about the place... a relaxation that washes over you as soon as you step out of the car and hear the bell birds. I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to get married, as that's the exact feeling we want to capture for our wedding. (dress code: barefoot :)
    Anyway... excuse my rambling! the quilt is stunning Mick! I'm so impressed with the skill and patience of quilters!!!

  6. beautiful scarf! gorgeous quilt!

    And I think I need to find myself a spindle sometime soon. :)


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