Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've made myself so sick, I wish I stayed asleep today

Sneaky scarf

In my last post, I mentioned a sneaky scarf I have been crocheting. This is a scarf I shouldn't be making - after all, winter is almost over and I have the Botteh to make. But once I washed out the excess dye from the handdyed alpaca yarn (thanks for the advice Happyspider!), and rewound it into a ball, I just couldn't help myself. It is two-thirds done and completely brainless, except for when I can't get my tension right and I have to pull out several rows, which just goes to prove how brainless I can be. The pattern is from one of those little Vogue crochet books - Scarves Two, I think.

Like Bells, I haven't wanted to bore you with the slow progress of my Botteh. So after a big break, here it is - only a few more triangles to go. It's getting quicker the more I do, and I'm also having to rip out a lot less as well.


End-of-month reporting at work tomorrow and a touch of illness is going to prevent me from going to the last ever knit1blog1 Friday knit in tomorrow. I'm not too sure how many people were going tomorrow - the last couple of weeks it has mostly been Wendy, Barb, myself and a whole plate of biscuits. But Barb, if you read this, I'm really sorry I couldn't make it. I've had a blast on Fridays these last few weeks!


  1. Pretty pretty!

    Hope you're feeling better soon - I think everyone in Canberra has a virus at the moment :(

  2. Your work is fantastic! I'm about to start the Boteh scarf - in some of that Bamboozle yarn from Lincraft (the khaki sort of shade). Thanks for the inspiration.


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