Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lots of froth please, for the photo

The quilt show was great, if not exhausting.

Cobargo Square Town and Country

On Saturday we went to Sydney. I did this:
Pink Field of Women 2007

Then this:
Extreme Crochet

...which was a bit dangerous as when you sit behind the goalposts you can get hit in the head by a football. Anyone who wasn't paying attention and got hit in the head ...well the rest of the fans would yell out "LOSER!!". Luckily Mr QM defended my loser-ability by catching balls as they came near. I'm so glad I married him.

Our roofing guys suck. They called Mr QM on Friday telling him the job was done (they still had to fix an eave) and that he had to pay. Poor bloke paid in good faith, but when we got home the job was so shoddy that my 14 month old nephew could have done a better job. Plus those idiots cut gouges in our driveway with their circular saw. Why is it that you can't find good trademen who you are willing to recommend to friends? Anyway, they reckon their going to "fix it" but I'm not holding my breath. They have our money - the next step for us if they don't fix it is to lodge a dispute with our bank and then the HIA and MBA and Fair Trading.

Tonight is the inaugural northside Stitch n Bitch. I cannot wait!


  1. Hi quiltingmick

    Lovely to meet you at the Northside SnB. Wasn't it wonderful to meet so many gorgeous knitters. There was knitting, there was laughing, there was spinning, there was crochet, there were socks and shawls, and gloves, and... and ... and too much to list really. But I ask, can there ever be too much knitting?

    See you next month.

  2. Wow, good on you for joining the brest cancer awareness do. You look good in pink! Although the photo looks a little surreal.

    How very annoying about those roofing guys - go get 'em QM! And then tell anyone who listens how crap they are.

  3. Well done doing the breast cancer thing. My aunt has just been diagnosed a week ago... and a friend had it (but is now in remission, yay!) a year ago. It's always out there lurking.

    Good luck with the roofing turkeys. Sigh. It's never simple, is it?

  4. Aahhh... It all makes sense now! I was wondering what on earth you were talking about when you said you had to contribute to a giant pink lady!!! :)
    It was great to finally meet you on Monday night Mick!! See you at another SnB soon!!


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