Thursday, August 9, 2007

I just blew in from the windy city

It was an exciting day off - well, for me it was. Our roof was painted! Look!

How that man didn't blow off the roof in this wind is beyond me. (Hey Neet! My blog title actually made sense for once!)

I cut out the fabric for the jacket but didn't get much further along as other chores got in the way. Chores like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady arrived to clean the house.

But I did manage to get to Lincraft and purchase something I have been wanting for quite a long time. And no, I'm not talking about fusible interfacing.

You're such a dummy

And in Botteh news, two triangles were ripped out and put back in very little time. That's one of the many things I like about crochet.

All fixed

The cotton for the Spiderweb Cardy from Bendigo has been purchased. But first to finish the Botteh, and then at least one of the WIPs.
Maybe the socks. Yes.

Tomorrow I'm spending all day at the Quilt and Craft Show. I have to do two shifts at the craft show itself. With my bad foot I'm not overly looking forward to walking around the show with white gloves for 2 1/2 hours, but I'll see how I go. Apparently a good friend of mine has won a prize in the quilt show! I'm very impressed, but I'm dying to hear more information.


  1. Oh good job with the mannaquin... one of these days when I live in a slightly bigger place I must get one of those!

    Congrats on the painted roof - your painter guy must have been brave to weather the winds today!

    Botteh is looking wonderful - enjoy the Craft Fair!

  2. oooh I was oogling mannequins too =)

    Hope you hade a great day at the craft fair!
    I don't suppose you noticed whether anyone yarny had anything spinny?? (spindles/fibre?)

  3. Thanks you two.

    Kuka, I only spent about 30 mins tops at the craft show iteslef - just enough time to buy a few fat quarters from Shuji and a huge cutting mat from the Scissorman. However, having spent about 6 hours at the quilt show itself, I can tell you all about that!

    I only saw one stall with yarn, although apparently there are a couple there. Someone is selling Noro there too, as a friend won a heap of it today. Not too sure about spinny stuff though.

  4. Who'd do any job to do with rooves? I knew a roofer in Darwin - what a hellish job in the tropics.

    Nice to meet your new mate - I'd love one but since Ive used my beautiful new sewing amchine just twice in 18months, I dont think DH would be very impressed if I brought one home!!

    Hope the quilt show went well.

  5. Hi Mick,
    Hope your shift at the quilt show went ok! As you will read on my blog, i was so inspired by it all! They were so stunning. It was great to see your Cobargo quilt in real life. It looked gorgeous!
    The scarf's looking good! You going to SnB tonight?


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