Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I wish I had a river I could skate away on


It's been nice doing human sewing again. Of course I ran out of pink thread and can't finish this until I get some more tomorrow. Oh dear. I'll have to go to Lincraft at lunchtime.

The roofing dramas continue. The roof itself looks fantastic, but those dodgy bastards are fart-arsing around with the shifty eave out back that they didn't do properly on Friday. I'd post photos but they make me cry.

Let's just say that a certain roofing company director will be getting a snarly phone call at 7 tomorrow morning. Mr QM is just itching, ITCHING I tell you, to lodge a dispute over payment with the bank. As far as the bank is concerned it's credit card fraud.

And let's just also say that if the bloody eave isn't fixed tomorrow, I'll be naming and shaming on RiotACT and this blog by nightfall.

Oh oh oh! And I held my first crochet workshop in the kitchen at work yesterday. I taught someone in another division how to crochet a granny square. We had spectators. I was so chuffed to be able to teach someone else the joys of the dark side.


  1. Mwahahaha, another one for us! Well done on the enabling!

    Good luck with those dodgy roofers. Take 'em down!

  2. The roofers sound super dodgy!! Not fun at all! At least you've got lots of lovely sewing and crochet to take your mind off them...
    That looks like lovely fabric! What are you making?

  3. Great photo there... I second the question - what are you making?

    Hope the roofers come good :/

  4. Michelle
    if they are licenced, report them to the licencing board.. in NSW it costs $10? fee to lodge a complain, too many complaints and they take your licence off you and they will make them fix the problem. Roofing companies are notorious for ripping off people, and I work in the building industry! shame its a few bad ones that spoil it for everyone else.. if all else fails, ring A Current Affair!


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