Monday, August 20, 2007

Lift your feet

Last Friday the two things I had been impatiently waiting for finally arrived.

Next project

I cannot wait to start this project, but first I have to finish off both the Botteh scarf and a sneaky mindless scarf I have been doing at the same time. Starting the Spiderweb pattern will be my reward for finishing those.

Bend the Rules sewing

This is the Amy Karol book I have been searching for in Canberra for weeks. Even stupid Borders didn't have it (it wasn't even in their computer). Eventually I gave up and went to Fabulous service, fast postage and it came from New Zealand which I am still trying to figure out the logistics of.

The other exciting thing that happened on the weekend is that I ordered this...


...but with whitewall tyres, hopefully a white seat, silver mudguards and a black basket on the back. I haven't felt this excited about a bike since I got my Malvern Star at age 9. Mainly I got this bike so that I can exercise - my current state of foot crippledom has gotten beyond a joke, and this is a non-weight bearing exercise which might enable me to get my fitness back. Hopefully I'll get the bike by next weekend.

I. Cannot. Wait.

I'm very sad I couldn't get to SnB yesterday - I had intended to, but in the end life got in the way. You know how it is.


  1. Oddly enough the National Gallery shop seems to stock the latest grooviest sewing books....

    Nice bike. I'm quite jealous and really muct get my $18.20 pushbike bargain serviced so I can use it this summer!

  2. That bike looks great. There seems to have been a revolution in bikes (more comfy sit-up-and beg styles) that might ALMOST make me want a bike. In high school I just HAD to get an uncomfortable men's racer when I should have got a comfy mountain bike. I don't know why, I thought it was cooler.

  3. oh that's gonna be a gorgeous project Michelle. Lovely! Good colour choice, too.

  4. What a nifty bike - hope you enjoy riding it!

    Beautiful cotton, I love the colour. And I don't know if it's SAFE to show me good online book shops...! :)

  5. huzzah for bikes and books!!!
    Borders in Canberra is pretty ordinary - there are things I have bought at Melbourne Borders that don't show up in the computer here!!

  6. Fishpond is a kiwi site but I guess it was just our turn to make a few dollars with an Aussie branch instead of the more usual Aussie brand in NZ thing. I wish I had known about fishpond, I got it on Amazon, super cheap but took 3 weeks to get here!!

  7. Scary - I want to make that same top in that same Bendigo cotton in the same colour! And that was BEFORE I read your blog! Good thing that we live in different cities ...


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