Saturday, August 25, 2007

I think about my fear of motion

The moment I saw my bike today at the shop, I was just like this little guy:


What I didn't tell you was that the blue bike I showed on my blog the other day was my original pick - by Tuesday I had phoned the bike shop in a panic asking if I could change my order for a baby blue bike with more gears. They said they would set both up for me so that I could choose (obviously they worked me out early on to be a complete flake). So today I chose the baby blue. Because it's pretty.

Electra Townie
My new Electra Townie Electra Townie 21D

I love the basket - it's very 'Michelle'. I'm imagining piling my new crochet bag and a rug in the basket, taking off for Corroboree Park and sitting up against a tree crocheting and listening to the magpies. Which I will do the moment my backside stops aching - it's been ten years since I rode and I may have overdone it a bit today.

I crocheting news, I have almost finished the Boteh scarf, and I am finishing off the half double crochet edging around the scarf. Hopefully there shall be photos tomorrow if I can finish it and steam block it. I'm also hoping to get the bulk of the Pleated Bag done tomorrow - I'm getting anxious to start using it as my new crochet bag!

Spring seems to have hit us with full force. Yesterday evening J and I walked around Civic and Braddon for the
CLAW Crawl, and even at 6.30 I was wearing only a thin cardy. Today was another warm one spent in a t-shirt and cords, and our washing dried in only a couple of hours.

Good drying day

I'm waiting for the frosts to come back. Surely they haven't left us already?


  1. That's an Indigo Girls lyric...!

    That first bike ride does cause such pain....I know all about that. I ride semi-regularly and I still get it..

  2. Oooh bike! Purty :) YOu've chosen well.

    I rode a bike for the first time in years on my honeymoon. Now if I'd realised exactly *what* was going to hurt, and just how much it was going to hurt, I wouldna gone near the bastard!

    But apart from the ouchiness, the bike riding was really fun!

    So I'll keep an eye out for you on your hot new bike with your basket full of delish quilting supplies and yarn!

    Love it.

    Thanks for the recent comments on the blog, I've only just gotten my fat arse into gear re: commenting on other blogs - so sorry for the wait :)

    Look forward to meeting you in person :)

  3. Nice bike! This spring-ish weather sure does tempt you outside... whereas last week a balaclava would be essential for bike riding - must be a pattern on the net somewhere :)

  4. Beautiful bike, I used to have one that colour, way back when... yesterday was a wonderful breath of spring - I was even *gasp* hot! Enjoy your cycling adventures :D

  5. Gorgeous wheels! We biked a couple of weeks ago for the fist time in *cough* years, so I sympathise with the ouchies. But I can see why you want to be out and about on it!

    My washing dried in a single day too, the first time in months. Made me disporportionately happy, for some reason! But I have heard talk of the late frosts...nooooo!

  6. Oh it's so sweet - love the colour and the basket.

    I'm not pruning my roses until I'm sure the bastard frosts are gone for good. I reckon one or two more to come.


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