Friday, October 12, 2007

Pack up your things, your work here is done

Ah. The end of another working week. And for once, this weekend will hold absolutely nothing for me. No heavy lifting, no hoisting barrow loads of soil. No hanging out of the washing. It's not as if I don't want to do these things, but my back decided it had finally had enough, and twisted itself into bucketloads of pain yesterday.

Nothing for it but to sit on the sofa all weekend with
Lorelai and Rory and crochet away. I'm really upset about it. Really. Upset.

In Southern Summer of Sock news, I have been quite productive given my time on the sofa. On Tuesday I was three inches from the end of sock #2 ... and then I allowed myself to get distracted by a new sock pattern and a ball of amazingly coloured sock yarn. It was only when Mr QM reminded me that I still had to finished pair #1 that I decided to finish them off tonight. I'm quite pleased, although next time I'd make them a little less wide in the foot and leg.

Crocheted socks

Garden news - the lettuces have perked up after the hot winds of last week, the snow pea seedlings are growing taller, and my first lot of seeds (the sugar snaps) have finally sprouted. The plans for building a third bed have been put on holdfor a week. Mr QM has to dig out a tree stump first. I'll be too busy on the sofa to help.


  1. Gorgeous socks! Sorry to hear about your back. Sitting and crocheting must really be a bummer, too ;)

  2. What is it with these men reminding us of WIPs we need to get done? None of their business right?

    Loving the crochet socks!


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