Monday, October 1, 2007

Southern Summer of Socks Day #1

I'm not able to blog to SSOS yet, so thought I'd log my stuff here instead.

Challenges: to finish my first bloody sock, then the second so I have a pair, and then move on to more exciting patterns. That is all.

Day 1: I had already started making a pair of socks - months ago - but realised last night that I should perhaps let them hibernate for a bit, try a different yarn, and get at least one finished sock under my belt (or on my foot. Whatever).

I started Tutti-Frutti from Crocheted Socks by Janet Rehfeldt, but ripped it out after a few rows because I HATED the inside-out slip stitch. I then decided to use single crochet as the stitch - the yarn was making a nice enough pattern without me interfering with it. Put it on, it was huge, so ripped it out again and took 4 rows from the ribbing.

In the middle of all this, I took mum and dad to the zoo. I do love me some extreme crocheting.

Extreme crochet at the zoo

And as of 10.15 pm tonight, we had this:

End of Day #1

I'm using Four Season Michaela, and I hope to goodness that they have one ball left at Lincraft because I only have three balls and I'm going to run out.

Thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday for Thursday. It was an odd day - I found out on Thursday that an ex-workmate of mine who I held dear to my heart had passed in very tragic circumstances. Sure, there was cake at work, lunch with a friend and my parents turned up that night to visit, but that sadness for my old mate wouldn't shake, and won't for quite some time.

And because I don't want this post to be depressing, here's a photo of some cuteness:

Sun Bear

Mum and dad went home tonight - we had a great few days, and I miss them already.

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  1. yes, happy birthday for last week. I meant to say so then and didn't. I'm sorry the day was marred by such horrible, awful news. Hugs.

    That certainly IS extreme crochet. I love it! You should have received your invite to SSS now - do you have it?


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