Sunday, October 7, 2007

Take this sinking boat and point it home

This is the post where I share with you the outcome of my many weekends away from the computer and the crochet hook.

The vegetable patch. Finished it is.

Four weekends of hard yakka have produced our vegetable patch. I love it. There are two beds (and there will be a third shortly) and three wine barrels (and I'm hoping to fit a fourth in). The fruit trees along the right fence were already there, as were the compost bins - and of course my beloved Hills Hoist. I'm really pleased with how it's all turned out.

Wine barrels

So this weekend I was all ready to have a whole weekend of coffee, newspapers, movies, crochet and sewing. I got the newspapers and
movies OK - but would you believe I have spent another two days in the garden? This weather just lures me outdoors, and before I know it it's almost dark, I'm in desperate need of a shower and I'm aching all over.

This weekend I should have been sewing

Tonight is my night though. I'm going to mend some pants, make some more progress on Short and Sweet and finish off sock #1 for the
Southern Summer of Socks.

Pair #1 Sock #1


  1. good work Michelle! We must discuss summer vegie garden plans some time soon. I'll be keen to hear what you've got planned.

    and your socks are looking amazing. Love the crochet sock!

  2. Your garden looks great! I'm hanging out for more garden beds, and want to fill them NOW... although I know staggered plantings are more sensible!

  3. Peter Cundall would be proud! The garden is looking fabulous, well done! Now I miss my old house with its lovely raised beds...:-( grrr...hate renting grrr....

  4. awesome garden, makes me miss the ACT, all this sand and salt, good for nothing except biteau bush. hmph. and those are really lovely socks you are not-knotting. hehe.

  5. Wow, wonderful garden beds there! I second Georgie's comments about Peter Cundall, and renting... I've never been able to set up a decent garden :p

    Your crocheted sock looks wonderful!

  6. Nice work on the veggie garden Mick! Looks lovely! (and very neat!) Yay for growing your own veggies... so satisfying isn't it? I'm exciting to have asparagus-that's-big-enough-to-eat coming up this year for the first time! Yay!
    Sorry I'll be missing you at Northside SnB tonight... I'm nursing a sore throat with lemsip and strepsils!

  7. What fantastic looking garden beds, and the wine barrels are a great idea too. We are hoping to make a small existing bed into a vege garden, but first have to remove all signs of an invasive creeper on a nearby trellis.
    PS, love the blue wool.


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