Thursday, April 3, 2008

Billy, he'd put flowers in his hair

Most of the time crocheting for larger garments is pretty mindless and repetitive. You learn the pattern, and then you lose yourself for hours in the backwards and forwards. It's comforting and rarely boring.

But sometimes there is a little project where, for only an hour, you have to concentrate. And concentrate. And wonder how nuts the designer was to come up with this. And then you're done.

Chrysanthemum brooch

Pattern: Large Chrysanthemum from "Crochet Inspirations" by Sasha Kagan.

Yarn: Twilley's Freedom Spirit

Hook: 4.25 mm

Notes: I'm making this into a brooch, as I'm rather fond of it. I want to experiment with bigger hooks, and different yarn. Yum.

My next post is my 150th. I'm only making a big deal of it because I totally missed my 100th; my 4 year anniversary isn't until July; and it will be years until my 200th. Stay tuned - there will be giveaways!


  1. Love it!
    Also been loving your use of song lyrics as post titles :P

  2. oh i love that twilleys freedom and this makes the most of the gorgeous colours. thats not c****t, its art! (you might want to contemplate selling some of those at a certain market day!)

  3. Wow! That is fabulous! And gorgoeus colours in that yarn too. Clever socks you.

  4. Wow! that's perfect. Just lovely. yes, make more and sell them at the stall!

  5. Beatiful. Yes, if it is quick to make, make them to sell. That's the exact same wool and colourway as the felted pendant I am wearing right now. So I have this ridiculous urge to see what your brooch would look like felted! (Probably a bit of a blob... I'm not suggesting you do it!)

  6. Yep, I'm with everyone else - I really like that flower but it does look tricky.


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