Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is more than a haircut I'm wearing on my head

Over at Jude's blog she's been talking about making a slouchy beret for protecting her 'do. I'd been curious about a slouchy hat for a while, but having cropped hair and a round face, I wasn't too sure how it would look. It just had to look good, feel warm and keep the fudge mostly on the hair and not on the hat.

So I went for this. Plus crochet works up quick. If it went pear-shaped I would find out quickly, right?

Oh, dear readers. I only wish I'd taken a photo when I tried it on. I pushed, and I prodded, and I pulled, but a slouchy hat it would not become. In fact, it looked rather like this:


Which then made me go like this:


Yes, I do have a huge noggin but that shouldn't have mattered. The sizing was right. What a disaster. I think my freshly-cut spiky hair wasn't helping either - it was acting as a prop and stopping it from getting all sloppy and beret-like.

Back to the drawing board.


  1. D'oh!!

    Oh man, uber-sucky.

    Maybe just unravel the decreases part and make the body a bit longer before you start to decrease.

    That is what I'm having to do with mine, otherwise I'd have a skull cap! ;p

  2. It is hard to look good in a hat I say - any sort of hat - especially with short hair.
    I look like a bald escapee from a paticularly rough womens prison myself.

  3. I look awful in most knitted hats, similar problems... a beret is usually passable, though.

    Bugger about it not working - good luck with your next attempt! Soooo, do we get photos? If not of the Disaster Hat, at least of the cool spikey hair??

  4. If you have any luck, let me know. I've been searching for a beret that suits my head....short hair and a fat face....not easy!

  5. i'm so bummed there was no photo!


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