Friday, April 11, 2008

Within myself there a million things

Tonight I wrote down 21 names on slips of paper, put them in a bag, shook them fiercely and got Mr QM to draw one out.

On drawing out this name ...


... he said "Oh, this is going to look SO RIGGED!"

Well done to the lovely Bells! I'll give you your prize when I next see you. Take your pick of flower brooch - other colours also available on request. I'm addicted to making them and I just. can't. stop.


Mr QM also drew out two more names for a consolation prize.


Congratulations to Three Buttons and kms! If you send me an email (quiltingmick~butremovethisrubbishfirstOK? with your mailing address, I will send off a little something to you as well.

Tomorrow morning we are flying to Melbourne for four days of shopping, friends, footy and culture. I'll be alone for two days while Mr QM travels to Bendigo, but I'll be keeping myself busy and hopefully I'll be catching up with the wonderful Thornberry. We've been each others' biggest blog stalkers for so long, it will be nice to finally meet! I'm also going FABRIC SHOPPING with Christina, and personally I am so excited I can't help but put FABRIC SHOPPING in capital letters.


  1. woohoo! thats my name! and i thought i was a complete loser. today just got a whole lot better. thanks michelle! xxx

  2. Man, that draw is SO RIGGED!! Heh! Yay for lucky winners. And yay you - FABRIC SHOPPING in Melbourne - I am v. JEALOUS!

  3. I tell you, it's worth paying your friends. It's so worth it. he he

    Thank you!

    Although, truth be told, for this to be truly rigged, I'd have had to pay MrQM, wouldn't I?

  4. If I didnt know Mr QM was such a fine upstanding citizen, Id be crying rigged too! Well done Bells, and kms and 3B too ;-)

    Hope you have a lovely trip - *love* Melbourne in autumn.

  5. Ooh Thank You : )

    What a lovely surprise!!!

    Angela x

  6. I hope you have a great time with lara, we are hoping to meet up later in the year. I'm sure you'll have a blast!

  7. Have a great time in Melbourne, sounds like you've got lots of great stuff planned!!

    Dotter is starting to get interested in quilting, we must get together sometime ;)

  8. Melbourne looks forward to your arrival I'm sure & the FABRIC SHOPS will be pretty pleased to have you. What fun! That Lara - she's a goodie.

  9. I've just looked at the date & you've been & gone - hope you had fun.


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