Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box

Except there are four of them. More than four. But just four for this blog.

This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box

The three Delft Blue boxes were bought in Delft by both Patricia and my mum. Delft Blue has always held a big place in my heart as my Oma collected it and always promised she would leave it to me. Unfortunately her neighbours raided her house after she passed, so I never did see her Delft Blue again.

Luckily for family and friends, huh?

This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box This is ... my knick knack/jewellery box

Clockwise from top left (click to get the bigger photos on Flickr)

1. Necklaces
2. Necklaces
3. Earrings
4. Knick knacks and sentimental stuff. Like my Canberra Quilters and SCQuilters badges, an old faux gold, turquoise and pearl bracelet that was mum's, a charm bracelet mum had as a child, and a charm bracelet of San Francisco icons I bought in February 1981 when I was 11.

I seem to have very eclectic tastes, don't I? Very little expensive stuff here except for the stuff people have given me, but I love everything in these little boxes.

Another superb "This is ..." meme from
Three Buttons! Thanks!


  1. Thanks Michelle - I love these little insights! All very nice jewellery, and in beautiful boxes. I notice you had an Oma - my in-laws are Dutch - yet another thing in common! Getting spooky now!

  2. Oh it's beautiful. So simple and elegant at once. Lovely.

    The neighbours raided her house???!

  3. You have a great collection of jewellery and knick knacks. I think that inexpensive jewellery is often the best and the most loved because it's more about what you like, not what it cost to buy.

  4. You've got some fabulous pieces in there! I'd so love to raid your jewellery boxes (in a nice "can I borrow this and bring it back" sort of way, not your oma's nasty neighbours sort of way) ;)

  5. I had some Delft once and that just naturally went into those Thai pendants. Many moves later, I have not idea where any of it went. But it's nice seeing your things so neatly arranged. I like order tho you wouldn't always know it...

  6. I have numerous jewellery/knick knack boxes too. All similarly filled with inexpensive jewellery. In fact, the "jewels" that have been admired the most are often from Diva! (shhh, don't tell anyone).

    Shame about your Oma's Delft. Some people have no shame.

  7. I love your Delft too. They remind be of my lovely country Auntie.


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