Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A dreaded sunny day so let's go where we're happy

A couple of months ago, I put in a pre-order for a book, as one tends to do for books that one thinks are going to be pretty darn special.


it arrived.

I leafed through it quickly last night while at my stitching group, but I think I was just too tired (and probably too distracted chatting with the girls) to really notice what was in the book. But then I got home and took the book to bed with me to read a bit more, and that's when I knew that my expectations of the book had been realised. This was a special book; a bloody excellent book.


Because let's be really honest here - how could a book that recommends a cup of tea and an iced vovo as part of the project preparation NOT be an excellent craft book?

It's not often I want to make every single project in a book. I even want to make the baby projects, and last time I checked I didn't have any kids. But which project to make first?




Or ...


(He he - anyone else remember Hobbytex?)

Ok. I've decided.


To be continued ...


  1. Oh I was thinking of buying that - it looks fabulous! now I just need to find good fabric.

  2. Me too. I was thinking of buying it too. You're photos made it look so tempting. I have so many OS crafters books. I really should support local as well. Although honestly I just need to actually use the books I have instead of collecting more!

  3. Mine has just arrived too! And you're right - where to start is the hard part - the book is terrific.

  4. Bugger, forgot to look at it last night. Hopefully I will get to look at it next time we are at your place...

  5. hobbytex and iced vovos? Definitely my kind of book ;-)

  6. My mum wouldn't let us use her Hobbytex, they seem a bit like a lost art form now!!

  7. That does look like a perfectly wonderful book. I hope it is available in the States soon!!

  8. It does look good, can't wait till you show more.

  9. YAY! Got mine on the weekend too - lots of lovely references to making cups of tea! Addicted to Fabric are selling the book in Canberra and have started stocking Kristen Doran fabric among other aussie designers! YAY!

  10. Yah for hobbytex and fab crafty books!

  11. Hobbytex!! I loved hobbytex!! thanks for reminding me! The book looks great.

  12. I'm glad it's payday tomorrow, for now it reeeeeeeally want this book!

  13. I got my copy today... I'm just about to open the iced vovo's now and sink into a bit of crafty reading.


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