Sunday, March 22, 2009

You knock me off of my feet now baby

So finally (finally!) I have an hour free to myself to post about my weekend away. I have been so frantically busy that it doesn't feel like only a week ago I was getting on the plane to come home to Canberra. It feels like years, but the memories I think will be with me for a long time.

I was having a particularly rotten week when the thought of going to Melbourne for the Stitches and Craft show first occurred to me. All the Melbourne craft bloggers were talking about it, and many had been invited to exhibit at their own stall. An email from Lara convinced me I should run away for the weekend so I booked my ticket, found a hotel, and broke the news to Mr Quiltingmick that I was going alone (he didn't mind in the slightest).

Zipper Mouth Monster
(a gift from Jodie. Thank you so much!)

It turned out that the show wasn't the only thing that was happening while I was in town. There was a crafters/bloggers dinner on the Friday night organised by the amazing Suzie, that Lara kindly put me on the list for. I
foolishly left my camera at the hotel, and I was busy gas-bagging with people all night so there are some very, um, spirited photos of me around the interwebs looking drunk (I did not touch a drop all night, except for at the end maybe ...). But as I didn't bring a camera, you will have to read about the dinner here, and here, and here, and probably also here. Thanks Suzie. Thanks Lara for putting me on "the list". I had such a great time, surrounded by amazing and gorgeous and very crafty people, including people like the girls from Ink and Spindle who I think I have bought so much fabric from in the past, and who've inspired me, with their designs, to do nothing less that special things with their fabric. Their fabrics deserve nothing less.

The dinner on Friday night was just the shot in the arm (and the kick up the bum) I needed, with regards to my own crafting, Buttontree Lane, and even this blog. As if that wasn't inspiration enough, on Saturday I went to the

I attended two workshops on Saturday - the first by Jhoanna from One Red Robin, making a woodland brooch. Gah! Such cuteness! And very Blythe-like.

Woodland brooch

The second workshop was on how to make a selvedge purse with Jodie from Vintage Ric Rac. For those who commented about the dress on my last post , yes, it was THAT dress. And I met THAT Jodie. She's lovely, funny, gorgeous, generous and just a top sort ... and I still don't think I have enough words to describe Jodie. Her selvedge creations had pride of place at the show, with their own display.

Selvedge creations

Here's the purse I made in her workshop. Ah - my very own Selvedge Purse! Jodie reckons I won't send my selvedge to her now - I fear she may be right.

Selvedge purse

The Incubator at the show was incredible and such a great idea. It showed that the crafts don't just belong to the older generation anymore - the "young ones" are catching up, and inspiring and teaching other crafters as well. I don't have any photos of the Incubator, except for this one showing how well laid out the show was. The incubator was against the wall on the right. You can see other photos of the individual stalls at Miss Marzie's blog.

The main shed at the Stitches and Craft Show

There were of course quilts to admire.

Clothesline of quilts

And fabric and patterns to buy.

Fabric loot from the show
Clockwise from top left -
Green Olive, Thea & Sami, One Red Robin, Kelani Fabric, Kristen Doran and Ink and Spindle.

Pattern loot from the show

And I saw "Handmade Nation". If you haven't heard about this documentary, and you love craft, crafty people and markets and Etsy and the internet, go and see this if you can. I don't know where else it will be played, but I loved every second of it. It showcased different artists and crafters in the US, and when one of them talked about fashioning their own culture of craft, because the culture they were in didn't suit them, I actually cried. These people were speaking my language. They want to make the world a better place - through their creations, through sharing their excitement and their joy for life, and taking opportunities as they see them.

Yes. I cried during a craft documentary.

Redwork quilt

The weekend was rounded off nicely by dinner on Saturday night (during a wild thunderstorm) with a good friend who moved to Melbourne a couple of years ago, and breakfast on Sunday morning (during a wild drizzly windstorm) with my union-ex-ABS-singing-Fiji friend Helen. I had a nice walk down Brunswick St to
Mike's (sadly not open) and then a stroll through DeGraves St, and then it was home. A much needed break, friendship and inspiration all rolled into one weekend. Perfect.


  1. I missed you at the show - I came to visit while you were doing Jodie's workshop. Drats!

  2. I'm so glad to see you had such an inspiring trip. Now I hope your busy-ness calms down so you can find enough (is there any such thing?) time for the crafting!

  3. Oh, yay for you, Michelle. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Good on you for going and having such an amazing time. It certainly looked like an inspirational setting. Can't wait to see what you make next!

  5. I think it's great you could get away from a poopy week to come and have a blast down here in "sunny" Melbourne!

    It was fantastic to meet you!


  6. gosh, the weather was pretty crazy while you were here!

    Sounds like a great trip :-)

  7. Isnt Jodie just a gorgeous warm funny person. I loved meeting her too and she is so inspirational. I love your brooch, too cute. I didnt get to speak to Jhoanna but when I went back her stall was closed for a while so unfortunately didnt get to really look at all her wonderful things. It seems you bought a lot of great things too.

  8. did you come home and collapse in a state of happy exhaustion?

  9. sounds like a fabulously recharging time :)

    ooh, word verification = mickest!

  10. You'll have to come again soon you know. Purely for business purposes! Craft business that is.

  11. The show looked like a hive of inspiration, just from the tidbits I've seen and heard from you! I must make sure I'm in Melbourne for the next one.

  12. You speak my language Michelle, It was the best best best of bestness to meet you and we will have to do it again.

  13. Wonderful stuff on your blog. I love it. Thanks!

  14. Sounds like such an excellent weekend, very inspiring. And such lovely goodies to bring away with you (and the doll with the message is way cool!!)

  15. Sounds like a great time ! I love all the photos and some great ideas !


  16. Envy (1)

    Lucky duck - what a great weekend - glad you had a brilliant time!

    Security word is `flusker' - which I presume refers to a flustered busker!

  17. So lovely to have met you Michelle! I'm so glad you had a fantastic time at the show (and dinner). And so glad you had fun at my workshop too :-)

    Hope you are enjoying your week.

  18. I've been meaning to ask the details of the circle quilt on the right. Do u have them, it's bewdiful!

  19. I just found your blog via Hoppo Bumpo and love it. I will definately be adding you to my reading list. I love the selvedge purse. I might have to start saving my selvedge so I can make one.


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