Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweetness follows

If there's one thing I absolutely love, it's a long weekend. A long weekend spent at home with no obligations and no plans is even better.

Although I did have a plan for this long weekend - to do nothing but relax - and so far I think I've succeeded.

This morning I sat in my sewing room and ironed some blank coloured handkerchiefs I bought a while ago. Then I went through my shelves (yes, shelves) of Sublime Stitching patterns, selected some suitable embroidery floss, and spent the next hour stitching. It was mindless, it kept my hands busy and it was a fun thing to do while I listened to the radio.

Sublime Stitching hankies

The daddy-hankies are ones I stitched years ago. I'm not too sure today's effort turned out looking much like an owl - Mr Quiltingmick reckons it looks more like a ghost from PacMan - but I think it's tarted up a plain hanky quite nicely and that was my goal.

I think this counts as project one towards my
challenge. I've already started on another stitching project, which is perfect as our next Brown Owls meet is a stitching tea party!

Tea towel in progress

Last night was an eating pizza, eating ice cream, and watching recorded crime shows kind of night. A perfect night for starting a new crochet project. I haven't touched any crochet, apart from joining blocks for bushfire blankets since I finished off my show projects, and I thought it was time for something a little more challenging than crocheted socks. I picked up
Interweave Crochet Winter 2008, flicked to the Alpine Frosted Scarf pattern, and tried to decide between the Sealing Wax (red) and Verdes (green) colours in Malabrigo Lace. I have a couple of reddish scarves already, so went for the Verdes.

But in this pattern, I very quickly became a non-fan of the Verdes, although in the light of day it looked marginally better. The shade differences are just too dramatic when crocheted with tall post stitches, and it came out looking like camouflage. So I changed yarn and went with the Sealing Wax. It's plainer and seems to be a little finer for some reason. It certainly shows the pattern up a lot better. I'm really glad I tried both though, and thank heavens for a stash that enabled me to try both!

Swatched - Malabrigo lace

Speaking of stashes, I have bought nothing this year except for some very special Wollmeise (as opposed to all that un-special Wollmeise!) and some yarn for bushfire blankets. Neither of these purchases count, especially the Wollmeise. I've used up about 17 x 50g balls this year. I'm pretty pleased with my stash reduction efforts so far. Now, if only I could stop buying books to add to my book stash!


  1. The crochet is gorgeous in the orange. Isn't it funny how a yarn can completely change the look of the finished item.
    I'm chuckling at the space invaders / pacman reference for your little owl!

  2. Wow, that sealing wax red looks really orange. I hope when mine arrives it looks more red, otherwise I will have to do some destashing!

    The green is gorgeous, what will you end up using it for?

  3. It's amazing how different the yarns look - I'm with you, the sealing wax is the right yarn - although I didn't see the camouflage effect of the green until you mentioned it.

    And well done on the stash stuff! You are a better woman than I!

  4. the verdes didn't stand up to heavy lace detail in my pi shawl either. It needs to be plain. Good thinking on changing.

  5. Ah! But if you are ever going to become a subversive crochet artiste, you might need a camouflage scarf!
    I love the owl. Is his name Darth?

  6. I like that owl. He does look like he could give you the what-for though. I wouldn't mess with him. ;) I also like those shades of green. The colors are really beautiful, if not quite what you were looking for in that pattern.

  7. ooooh, you crochets are so pretty!!! I think you're right - the red is just perfect!
    Love the stitcheries too - can't wait for our tea party!!!
    (and i just knew Twitchy would have to mention the tea bags!!)

  8. Sealing wax is such a striking colourway. I agree, it shows off the pattern a lot more than Verdes.

    I like your owl, and recognised as such straight away! I'm quite looking forward to having a go at embroidery at Brown Owls.

  9. You are clever clever clever - and I love the owl!

    And you - published writer, ribbon winner and crafting queen - I am seriously in awe.

    I have scrbbed ceilings, managed some knitting and kid wrangled - can I have your long weekend instead?

  10. I am with tinking bell -so so clever. I bought some verdes for a cardigan and returned it for the same reasons you aren't happy with it. I ended up with a great orange instead.

  11. Love the orange/red, very striking. The black/green combo just wasn't working.

    The owl is a little pacmanesque (giggled at Mr QM's insight) but still owly!


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