Sunday, May 24, 2009

I've got Friday on my mind

Yesterday was just insane and I mostly felt like I was running around like a headless chook. But it was also a fantastic day with the finale of pulling off a very nice dinner for the birthday boy. We spent a wonderful evening in the company of some of the nicest people you could ever meet, and who we are blessed to count as our friends.

Today we decided to take a breather from all the rushing and just be. An early morning breakfast at Gus' Cafe, the rest of the morning spent in the sewing room (and him in the garden), and a Sunday afternoon drive to Queanbeyan and Piallago.

And now I just need to sleep.

Speaking of the sewing room, this morning I had cut out, quilted and trimmed twenty bags ready to put together. Half of the fun in putting bags together is selecting the zippers. I have about 40 zippers in my stash, but discovered this afternoon that I only had the right colours for six of the bags. So frustrating!

However it was probably fortunate in one respect. If I'd have the perfect zip for every bag, I would have tried to make all twenty at once, and spent the rest of the week at the physio getting my back kinks ironed out.

There is a sewing fairy godmother, after all!

FIVE DAYS TO GO!! I'm getting rather excited at the thought of getting a full night's sleep without having nightmares about Excel pivot tables.

P.S. There will be bags in the shop tomorrow night - both Sunnyboy and Boxes for Socks. And don't forget to keep an eye out for the giveaway on May 26 or 27!


  1. oooh, boxes. Will definitely keep my eye out.

    I wish I could be as inspired as you. The only thing inspiring me at the moment is eating easter eggs and then working them off listening to cool music!

  2. Oooh they look so pretty all in a perfect little pile!
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Don't they look so lovely in production.

  4. ooooh you were BUSY!
    I love the squirrels!

  5. astounding productivity. only 3 sleeps to go!


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