Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sometimes I do silly things, like today. I bought a blouse at a shop, paid too much for it, and had already decided to take it apart before I'd left the store.


Here it is in it's 'before' state. I'm not too sure whether that bottom frill is channelling Elly May Clampett or an 80s nightie from Sussans, but it doesn't looks good, and it doesn't sit right. Women with hips, like myself, do not need extra flounce at the bottom of our blouses. But the blouse is 100% cotton, will be cool in summer, and has a neck ruffle which I love (and it's red gingham!) so a little extra effort will be worth it, I think.


I took to the bottom ruffle with my trusty unpicker. It only took 20 minutes to detach the offending piece.

In between

I now had a short blouse, and a very wide piece of fabric from the ruffle. So to make the blouse longer I trimmed the ruffle piece to fit the bottom of the blouse, folded it in half lengthways, and then attached it to the bottom hem with my overlocker. A little pressing, and a little more top stitching and I have a blouse I love, and can wear much more comfortably.



  1. So much better! Yay you and your sewing skills!

  2. Excellent. My version is red and white gingham cotton with a v-neck ruffle. Except I'm waaay too chicken to take the quick unpick to the sleeves...

  3. "Women with hips, like myself, do not need extra flounce at the bottom of our blouses." Amen! I don't get why they do that... Looks great!

  4. Looks awesome - so cool and summery too. Well done!

  5. Nice work Michelle, it looks great with your modifications!

  6. Lovely job and well worth it think. I often have to de-naff clothing I buy too...

  7. The blouse certainly looks much better now have you designed it to suit your needs.
    I will have to remember you tip next time I find something that I like but is just not quite right.

  8. So much better - the neckline is gorgeous, so totally worth a refashion!

  9. Hi Michelle,
    I have a bag of dresses and tops I must alter, but alas not so on the ball as you!
    Guess what? You have won a cute kookaburra laminex brooch on The Find, Make, Do, giveaway.
    Can you email me your address so we can mail it to you.

  10. Wonderful conversion. Sometimes these things are just necessary and sometimes you wonder what the designer was thinking about in the first place!
    Hope you get lots of Summery wear out of it.


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