Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's rather warm and rainy outside

It hasn't been all about project sacks around here, you know. Or even Glee.

Because I finished little Felix's onesies for Christmas. He's only 2 months old and doesn't read this blog, so I think I'm safe showing them off here. I'm rather proud of them, actually. Every wee child in my life from this point on gets at least one embroidered onesie.

Onesies for Felix

Onesies for Felix

I finished the last of the project sacks on Sunday, and then baked two Christmas cakes, 24 mini quiches, and made two batches of rum balls and one of apricot balls for a Christmas Treats swap I was doing on Monday. No photos of the baking and making - I could barely stand by the end of my marathon in the kitchen.

This week I've been enjoying some sewing time for myself. I cut out a shirt and skirt - the shirt is a shibori type of cotton print from Tessuti's, and the skirt is caramel linen blend from Spottie's. I think they'll go well together. It's a shame I won't have them sewn by the time I go to Alex on Friday, as Queensland is the perfect place for cotton and linen but they'll be waiting for me to finish them when I get back, I'm sure.

Sewing clothes for me, for once

Unless the sewing fairies take over, of course.

My photography course continues, and I'm still learning so much. I'll be sad when my course ends next week, but we are already considering more courses next year. Last night we learned to twist the lens at the same time as taking a photo, to get effects like this:



And we also learned about photo composition and then were given assignments to do photos on themes such as leaves, fun, lines, simple... this was my offering for the theme "black and white".

Black and White

When I return from Alex next week, this blog may well be filled with photos of surfers, as I'm taking my new tripod (an early Christmas present - thanks Mum and Dad) with me, and intend to set up on the headland early in the morning.

Ha ha! Sneaky Glee video!!


  1. Wow - those piccies are gorgeous. Love the black & white!! Where are you doing your course?
    Hope you have a lovely time away - can't wait to see more of your photos....

  2. Love the onesies! The dragster is so cool!


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