Thursday, December 2, 2010

The final countdown

Before the final construction

Every night I've been doing a little bit more, and tonight I got to a happy stage. I just have to give the linings boxed bottoms, and then I can start constructing sack bags. Straps, tabs, outers and inners, all sewn together. I love it when it gets to this stage.

I've been listening to the various Glee soundtracks while sewing these. Actually, Glee is on constant shuffle on my iPod - all 99 songs. I write ministerial briefs, ride the bus, proofread consultation documents, walk into work, and sew to Glee. The novelty would normally wear off, but they keep putting out more CDs and uploading more songs to iTunes, and I keep sticking them on my iPod.

Soon enough I will have the need to listen to my new Wailin' Jennys album, but in the meantime it's all Glee.

Glee Glee Glee. Makes me happy.


  1. Hehe! My Brother loves Glee, it has taken over the world ;)
    I love the photo of all that wonderful fabric, stunning xxx

  2. I hadn't heard Glee before (yeah, yeah, I live under a rock, I know) - they're good fun! Enjoy your sewing marathon!


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