Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello yellow

We've been having very cold weather in Canberra the last couple of days, and I'm ready for summer to start. I'm so tempted to push the summer feeling along a little by getting* a pair of these.

Saltwater sandals

I don't know what's going on. I don't even think I like yellow very much. But these sandals just holler happiness, don't you think?

* Gotten. Late night shopping never felt so good, especially right before Christmas...

P.S. I've made a special skirt for Christmas Day, and I'll be showing you all very soon, OK? Just to prove it's not all about Glee and yellow sandals around here (even though it really is).


  1. If you're debating getting a pair of Salt Water Sandals, you should definitely get them! I bought a pair of blue ones about a month ago, and I *love* them. Even though they're not a lovely sunshiny shade of yellow, I feel like skipping along when I'm wearing them.

  2. love these! have also seen these in Red in blog photos. Can you buy them here?

  3. Hi Colette. Yep! You can get that at Little Pinwheel!

  4. Glee and Yellow Sandals. There are worse things life could be all about.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. I'm with trash...there are worse things than happy sandals and happy gleeks

  6. you could only ever smile wearing these sandals :) too cute. hope it warms up for you soon down there.

  7. Cute sandles - and I'm not a yellow person either but these scream summer, ice cream and those things that spin around in playgrounds to me!!

  8. How could your feets not be happy in those?!


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