Sunday, March 25, 2012

OWOP Day 1 (which is really Day 2, but WHATEVER)

OWOP (One Week, One Pattern) started yesterday, and I missed it.


Well I'd planned on wearing my white flowers tea dress out to our wedding anniversary dinner last night, but it was too cold. Like really, really cold. Too cold to find a warm cardigan to wear with it that would complement it, and the dress doesn't work well with tights, which is what I ended up wearing last night. Along with thermal underwear and something that was not a Simplicity 2938 variation.

So let's just start day 1 today, shall we?

OWOP Day 1

Simplicity 2938 top in cotton voile by Anna Maria Horner. I love this top. It's on heavy rotation on the weekends and it's a cinch to wash and iron.

In other news, I think I may have conquered Simplicity 2247 which I am using to make a suitable cocktail frock for a wedding being held in, oh, five-and-a-half days.


I was determined to iron out the issues with the baggy upper chest on the wearable muslin. First of all I did the bodice using a D Cup instead of DD. That made the fit around the boobage better, but I still had a big gap at the top of the bra strap. I ended up fixing most of that by taking in the underarm on the front side only.

Then it was time to attach the sleeve, pleats and all.  Disaster. I hate this sleeve so much - it reminds me of Imelda Marcos, and not in a good way like with the shoe collection or anything. And it would have been an issue with the pleats in the sleeve as the fabric for my cocktail dress is quite thick.


So I cut away some of the width from the armscye, redrafted the sleeve to take away width and the pleats, and this time gathered the sleeve to fit in the armscye.

Simplicity 2247

Much better, and more suited to my style.

Last night after dinner I felt brave enough to cut out the lacy fabric, and today I started sewing.

Simplicity 2247

By late afternoon, after lots of breaks for tea and walks in the garden, I got to this stage, without the sleeves or facing. (The facing has since been sewn in, but I haven't edge stitched it down yet.)

Simplicity 2247

I'm really pleased with it. It's a shame the lovely wine-red colour isn't obvious in these photos but I'll get better photos taken once it's finally finished. Like maybe on Saturday with my handsome husband who has hired a suit with lining the exact same colour as my dress. Phwoar!


  1. It's such beautiful fabric. I had a skirt in a similar fabric years ago and I could kick myself now for getting rid of it!

  2. Oh I wish I lived closer so I could talk you into being my sewing personal trainer. I would pay great rates and you could teach me all the clever tricks. That is all fabulously amazing sewingness goin on.

  3. WHOAH. this is like three days worth of posts for me! i'm barely finished oohing over the orange goodness when the perfected sleeve comes in and then the TKO, LACE!

    seriously, such beauty. and i spied the roses below. off to see that....

  4. Your orange striped top not only looks great on you but I also love the fabric and colour, so cool. The dresses are also coming along great and as usual I'm blown away by your sewing ability Michelle!

  5. Your dress is looking fantastic Michelle! I like your redrafted sleeve better than the original (though I did like the Imelda reference with the shoes in the background).

  6. I really like that top. I will seek out Simplicity 2938, I hope it's still in print. I have a pair of yellow Saltwater Sandals too. A fellow told me yesterday that "they're cheerful sandals".


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