Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OWOP Day 4, or what I wore to make a nice doctor laugh

This morning we had a late start thanks to what I hoped was going to be my last ever* surgeon's appointment since all the drama of 10 months ago. I knew the surgeon would need easy access to check on my ginormous abdominal scar, so I wore a top and skirt rather than a dress.

This is actually the first Simplicity 2938 I made, right in the middle of Self Stitched September last year. I am rather fond of it - it's fun and it goes surprisingly well with my third favourite cardigan.

OWOP Day 4

It was raining heavily this morning, so no outdoor shots. Instead we chose my half-painted kitchen. I need to put a second coat on those doors and find some appropriate door handles.

The first coat of paint was done in October.

October 2010.

OWOP Day 4

I generally avoid all housework before midnight, but I had to break up all that red with some pine-o-clean green.

And guess what?

Simplicity 2447

I just have to handstitch the hem, and we're right for washing, pressing and horrifying my mother-in-law when she arrives on Friday. Because OMG! It's not a floor-length ball gown!

* Unfortunately it's not my last visit. My surgeon wants to "close the loop" with more scans and blood tests, but come June I'm hoping she'll be apples and I'll get the final clearance (although I may need more surgery on my scar, but that's my choice). Oh I have plans for that happy day, when it comes! In the meantime I'll just continue enjoying every day.


  1. Sounds like though it wasn't your last the appointment went pretty well, glad to hear it Michelle.
    I need some cute cardigans for winter, you have a lovely collection. Got any shopping tips for me??

  2. Oh Michelle, you do make me laugh too! The green reference is brill!

  3. Think the skirt is ace and take it as given that the cardi is v v cute, of course the black tie dress is phenomenal but bloody hell woman! How did I miss all of last year's drama????

  4. Eeeeeek I love your RED kitchen.... and your RED dress..... and is there any chance you could snap a photo of the look on her face???

    Drats to the last visit plan, although I'm definitely a fan of making sure to close all the loops at the end. You must plan a huge June celebration!

  5. LOVE your red kitchen and your red dress.The dress is beautiful.

  6. I love the pattern mixing going on here! The cardigan is amazing - I can tell why it is one of your favorites. And those shoes? I'll be by to borrow them...

    Your kitchen is amazing. Seriously. I love the red!

    Even if it isn't your last appointment, it sounds like it went okay. That's great! I can sympathize with the abdominal scar/post-op stuff - I had a (giant) ovarian cyst removed in 2008 and they sliced me up the middle... not fun. Better safe than sorry!

  7. Love these shots. Fantastic. Made me *smile* ... nothing like pine o clean to fix colour balance. You're so funky.


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