Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OWOP Day 3

Another Simplicity 2938, and another cardigan. I personally can't wait for daylight savings to finish this weekend so it's not sunrise when we leave for work in the morning.

OWOP day 3

I got home from work this afternoon and got straight to work on my cocktail dress. I basted a sleeve in and then tried it on to see how it fit.

Simplicity 2247

I'm definitely not a genius. I didn't think to factor in the heavy weight of the fabric (this stuff is the equivalent of rugby knit in terms of thickness and weight) and now the sleeve and shoulder is hanging down past my natural sleeve line. I also seem to have no ability in easing a sleeve in. Yuck.

I am so tempted to put an armhole facing in and call it sleeveless, but I think I have enough sleeveless dresses in my wardrobe as it is.

So it's back the drawing board. First steps will be to take out some of the armscye, raise the shoulders and the shoulder facings (so much for having sewn those in!) and take in the sides of the bodice.

I'm was hopeful I could finish tonight. Perhaps I should order takeaway instead of cooking dinner, and keep working.


  1. Takeaway! Takeaway! Do it. Do it. Do it. (I really want to see the finished article.)

  2. 2nd the takeaway option!!! I mean, really, it IS sewing we are talking about here....

  3. All power to you M, you can do it!!!

  4. How totally frustrating! You can do it Michelle... you can!!! I'm on the other side of the country sending you all my good sewing vibes.

  5. I didn't realise it was this weekend - how exciting! You are a very clever sewer and make beautiful things. I am hoping to do some gardment sewing in the school holidays which are sooooooooon!

  6. Well as someone who can only dream of being able to sew I think you are doing great. The colours are beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished :)

  7. Your dress is looking great. I am with You on the black tie / 3 pm thing but you are handling it beautifully. As ever, I am loving reading your progress.



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