Saturday, May 3, 2008

And I wait under the willow tree

Today was a beautiful day. Perfect. And a great day to pick some olives at our friend's house. I said "Wow, look at that sky!" often, and everyone agreed.

Olive picking

Olive picking

This is Dexter. He was no help at all with picking olives, but he sure did look adorable (when he wasn't trying to surprise us with dog poop land mines, that is).

Dexter the super dog

We (well, actually Julie, as we had to leave early for an appointment) are going to pickle the olives in brine, and hopefully in 12 months we'll be enjoying olives with my feta.

I spied the recipe for chocolate slice over at
SadieandLance the other day. I used to make this slice all the time as a kid, but had lost the recipe. Thanks SadieandLance for finding it again for me! I made it today. It's delish.

Chocolate slice

The garden designer turned up just a half an hour ago and he left with a couple of slices for his dessert. Another friend just minutes ago dropped off our olive bucket and she's also left with some. Hopefully the chocolate slice will be enjoyed all over the inner north tonight.

Aaaaand ... I started a new sock last night. I'd had a migraine for 5 days by this stage and it was slowly starting to ebb thanks for the physio appointment I had in the afternoon. I wasn't up to starting the lapels on the purple thing, so I started this instead. I'm using some gorgeous Meilenweit 100 Multiringel which Bells gifted me a little while ago. Thanks mate! I love it, and it's in my favourite colours (but you already knew that).

A new sock

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  1. How good is that slice! It was a childhood favourite in our house too!

    Beautiful blog by the way.


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