Friday, May 23, 2008

My daddy's name's Floyd, he was unemployed

Wow. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes yesterday.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to keep such a positive attitude (well, I try even though I do love a good whinge). This morning I woke up to a cracking case of laryngitis. It was pretty bad - it freaked out my doctor when he called me, and he told me to take some panadol and STOP TALKING - but I was managing. Until I spent almost two hours with
Cathy this afternoon nattering away (poor Cathy - my raspy voice was probably equivalent to listening to fingernails on a blackboard) and found when I came home that I had no voice left.


It's not easy being silent when you are me. I love to talk. If talking were a sport in the Olympics yadda yadda yadda. Suddenly I had to email people instead of calling them. Patricia called me on my mobile and I could only whisper - I had to get Mr Quiltingmick to call her back and translate my whispers. Can laryngitis be stress-related?. On top of the weekend away with the family, getting gastro, the stress of the surgery and the stress of working in a pretty awful job, I found out a week ago that the Federal Budget had taken my position away. Oh well, I suppose that's one problem solved.

Anne scarf - WIP

Along with visits with lovely friends, the colour green improved my day somewhat. This is a scarf made using the pattern "Anne" by MK Carroll. Could there be a more confusing pattern? When I started it a couple of months ago I got to the second row and just stopped. It didn't make sense and it wasn't possible to go any further. I emailed the designer and it turns out there was a mistake which everyone else knew about except for me. Great. So I started again and even though each motif is written confusingly in the one single step (which reminds me of people who write long paragraphs without punctuation), it's turned into a great little pattern. Certainly it's easy enough to remember, which is good as the less I have to read that pattern the better.

The yarn is Waratah Fibre I bought at the fibre day at OBDM last July. I think it's Merino and Leicestershire or something. It's very pretty. It has a hempy kind of texture when I crocheting with it, but it turns out to make a very soft and squishy fabric.


  1. oh that is only a teeny tiny whinge...I hope you feel better soon - what a rough trot you've been having.

  2. Hope you find your voice soon...
    Anne was one of my first crochet projects (umm still is, haven't done anythingelse yet!) I didn't realise there was a mistake....but then agai I don't have the know-how to realise there's a mistake....

  3. Losing your voice must really suck - especially for a singer. Get well soon, QM.

  4. oooh bum!
    hope you're feeling better soon.
    that green is gorgeous =)

  5. Love the greens in the crochet - hope they take away the blues, and the laryngitis.

    Sorry about your job - although I guess in a way it's a good thing. Hope so anyway.

  6. You are copping it lately, poor thing! Whinge away - whatever it takes. Stay warm, and type fast!

  7. laryngitis and stress? a definite link in my it up, and I hope you're feeling better soon. I love that colour and pattern. I've forgotten all my crochet stitches, but I have an old book somewhere with really wild things in it.

  8. Oh, I'm knitting that scarf too. I found it confusing to start with but didn't realise there was an error. Perhaps it was fixed by the time I bought it. I think it is quite hard to follow but like you said easy to remember once you have the hang of it.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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