Monday, May 26, 2008

The fox went out on a chilly night


When I was in Mansfield last week, I wore this fox brooch on my vest. My nephews, who have been brought up on various farms from Victoria to Western Australia and back again, pulled me down to their height and stroked it. They asked what it was doing. I told them it was jumping down a fox hole, but they wouldn't have a bar of it.

"It should have wire on the brooch", said Jack, aged 7.

"Yeah! Wire where the back legs are!" said Aaron, aged 4.

We were all a bit puzzled by this, but then my sister-in-law grasped what they were on about. Foxes which are caught and killed on farms are hung up by their back legs on the wire fences.

Of course.

The fox brooch was promptly turned around so it was jumping over my shoulder. The boys were much happier with this scenario.


Yesterday I went to the Festival of the Alpacky at EPIC. In the Fitzroy Pavilion, it was like a real live version of Cute Overload. Oh, they were so soft! Their big brown bulging eyes just gazed at me lovingly. I'd been warned before I left home that I was not to come home with a furry friend of the alpacky type, but it was hard to resist and I am only thankful I had a few dollars in my wallet and not $2000. Whew. He has no idea how close I came. Fortunately there was yummy yarn to take my mind off the cuteness factor.

In "I finished this" news, look what we have here!

Slouchy hat #2 is finished

Hot Cross Slouchy Beret by Jennifer Appleby in Interweave Crochet, Winter 2007
Yarn: Lincraft Balmoral (75% wool 25% nylon) in light grey, about 1 3/4 balls.
Hook: 4.25mm bamboo
Notes: I made this hat with two less pattern repeats, left a whole decreasing repeat out because I skipped a line in the pattern (oops) and added a decreasing row in the crown to make up for it. Happy accidents, but it all worked out well. I am really happy with this hat - it's certainly a lot more stylish than the hats I normally wear.


  1. Oh, great hat. And cuuuuute alpackys. I think they are lovely. Thanks for the shout-out in your previous post. I'm glad you are enjoying your pod.

  2. I love how the fox brooch GLOWS in that pic. Alpacas are fab. If you ever go shopping at Griffith you might see one - there's a bloke who drives around with one in his car, and I've seen them there quite a few times.

  3. Great hat, and great little fox.

    And look at those alpackys! Gorgeous!

  4. ... he prayed for the moon to give him light,
    for he had many a mile to go that night,
    before he reached the town-o...

    I love your brooch, but I'm not sure if I love having that song stuck in my head.>.<

    The hat looks fantastic, and the alpacas so *cute*!

  5. Alpacas are so flirtatious. They do love to batt their lashes so!

  6. Great story! Great brooch.

    Nice to see you healing up ok - and I love that hat!

  7. I have been daydreaming of berets and I *lurve* yours. Very stylish.

    Cute alpackys, sure, but SHOW ME THE YARN!

  8. I really like that fox brooch & the cute story.

  9. hehehe I love the fox story and i LOVE the fox!

  10. Do you spin? I have some alpaca fibre - unwashed, uncarded but locally grown and free to a good home.

  11. Great post Michelle - and what a great brooch! Love the hat too, by the way. I've got that one on my list, so your modifications will come in handy (I've got a pin head). How are things going? I've been thinking of you with all that has been happening. And there's nothing wrong with the occasional pity party, by the way!

  12. Great photos - oooh, alpacas... and that fox brooch is wonderful (glad it's escaped the wire treatment!). Great slouch hat too. Glad you're on the mend :)


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