Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm a man in a caravan by the sea

Usually the months leading up to and into winter are quiet. So quiet I end up hibernating until spring, because you know, why the hell not?

However, a quick scan of my little diary over the next few weeks reveals a trip to Mansfield for a family do, a pre-wedding party at the Lobby, a concert at Tilleys, my nephew's 2nd birthday, Scott's 39th birthday, a swathe of medical tests, some minor surgery and a week off work as a result.

And we're only up to the 24th of May so far.

In June I have a trip to Cairns, a trip to the footy in Sydney, more medical appointments because God knows I haven't spent enough in the last few weeks, my dad's birthday, my brother's birthday and PLEASE SWEET JESUS LET IT BE a new and better job (hopefully).

You'd think with all this I'd be happy just lying on the sofa the rest of the time. But no. Oh nooooo.

I'm trying to work out where I can fit in a weekend to Tuross around the 19th May for Scott's birthday.

Actually, maybe that sofa isn't such a bad idea.

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