Sunday, May 25, 2008

In a bar full of self pity

The pity party is over, friends! It's time to be creative, and inspiration is all around me.


I took a walk down the street yesterday to pick up a gorgeous pod from
Olivia. I cradled it in my hand all the way home. Words cannot describe how lovely it is to hold one of Olivia's pods in your hands, and they look so pretty too. If she hasn't already sold them all, do yourself a favour.

Fabric inspiration

On my trip to Melbourne last month, I was supposed to go fabric shopping with my friend
Christina, but at the last minute her house move got in the way of a fun day out together. So I went shopping by myself and bought enough fabric to keep me in trouble for quite some time. I remember when I started quilting 12 or so years ago, and the dire choice fabrics we had to deal with then. You were either "country" or "brights" or "pansies". God, what a choice. Now there is fabric everywhere, and it's just amazing the designs you can find. Any designer who can put hedgehogs on fabric is OK with me.

Slouchy Beret # 2 - WIP

My second version of the slouchy beret is almost finished. I'm wondering if I can finish it before I walk up to the
alpaca show later this morning.


  1. Nice fabrics... and nice to 'hear' your happy voice again :)

  2. Lovely fabrics - and I'm getting a pod too. Mmm can't wait for hand cradling!

  3. I'm a fan of the pods, too. I've adored mine since I got it. Now you're lucky too!

  4. You have had a rough run lately - glad you're feeling a bit better.

  5. I love the fabric. It's always hard to make up my mind and not buy *everything* I see!


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