Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All bananas playing in the bright warm sun

My doctor told me I had to eat more fruit.

Wollmeise Sonne

When fruit looks this good, I'm happy to oblige.

Wollmeise Indisch Rot

The Wollmeise arrived today. When I picked the parcel up at my local post office, I saw the Deutschland postmark and squealed "Ooh! The Wollmeise!" and I hugged it. That poor post office lady must see some sights in her working day.

Speaking of socks, this morning I starting putting my Cherry Tree Hill Loden lace socks on, and discovered this.

Damn hole in my socks!

I was gutted. And now I know how
Kylie feels with her felted socks. The yarn has actually broken - no moths. The socks were always a bugger to put on and I had to do it really carefully. Obviously there was a time when I wasn't careful enough. Me and my stupid size 11 feet.

Unfortunately the break is at the top of the socks and there's no way to fix it. I may just rip this one and make it again. I don't know. But I'm doubly gutted because these were
prize winning socks!

In Ravelympics 2008 news, the Matinee Swing Jacket is coming along nicely. I'm hoping, with a night of crochet, and maybe a morning off from Buttontree Lane (there'll be another update on Friday night, by the way - do you like how I slipped that bit of news in? Cunning, aren't I?), that it will be finished by tomorrow night. I have just 1 1/2 sleeves, the sewing up, and the collar to do.

Matinee swing jacket - WIP

We shall see! The proof! The pudding! Oh the calories! Better pass me more fruit!


  1. Ha, love the tittle! when I was researching my latest earworm on YouTube, I followed links to the Banana Splits theme song, and whadda y'know, new earworm!!

    Nice pics, and bugger about the sock too....

  2. Oh what a complete bugger about the sock.

  3. The yarn looks delicious! When yarn looks that good, I want to cast on right away....

  4. Can't wait to see the pudding...I have enough trouble knitting a scarf let alone a matinee swing jacket!

  5. Hey, so random... but I can fix those for you. Do you have a bit of the yarn left? I just need a very little, or I can try and match it. But yeah, I used to fix that sort of thing inbetween teaching knitting when I first moved to America. I know the mailing of the sock may be a pain in the ass, but I am pretty certain I could take care of that :) Let me know, lady!

  6. That yarn looks so warm and lovely!

  7. Bummer about the socks. Eat fruit I like that order.

  8. mmmmm woollmeise me wants it. im with you on the socks. sometimes hand made socks seem designed only to break your heart. that sucks big time. i saw them in their glass cabinet and thought they were lovely. i feel your pain....

  9. Just don't eat the wool!

    By the way, the sunnyboy bag i bought from you arrived the other day! thanks I love it!!

  10. Aaargh - I had to darn 7 pairs of my socks in the last few months - seven pairs! My heels are hard on socks (as are my birkis!)
    You've got your wollmeise- mine must be close then!

  11. Ah, I remember your first time with the Wollmeise.....

    Very big bugger about the sock.

  12. I reckon you could totally darn that sock. And not just by cussing at it!!

    Why doesn't my fruit shop sell that fruit? No fair! I'm sure I'd consume more fruit if it did!!

  13. That deep burnt orange is UNBELIEVABLE!!

  14. beautiful, beautiful wollmeise(s) you've got there!

    Socks with holes, esp those that aren't old, are a crying shame. I'm with RR. Darn it.

  15. Oh that yarn is so yummy, I could just eat it...or at least knit something great out of it!


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