Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Was you ever in Quebec, launchin' timber on the deck?

The less I say about Great Big Sea, from the tropical island of Newfoundland, the better.

Because I do tend to rave.

But here be a YouTube beginner's course for our friends who not be fans already.

(Yes, there be grown men singing sea shanties in a stadium full of youngsters).

How many other songs can you name that mention keeping the whiskey cool in a coffin? Eh? How many?

I first heard Great Big Sea on a kitchen party Chieftains album I picked up at the ABC shop for $9. They sang aboot Lukey's green boot. I fairly jumped around the room when I first heard it.

A warning for the innocent though - on doing further Great Big Sea YouTube searches, you may come across some videos where GBS is performing with Russell Crowe. Don't touch them. I don't know what me boys were thinkin' but there may have been too much old black rum.

I can't get their albums in Australia, but blessed be the iTunes shop. I just got their new album.

I think they like their jobs, don't you?

We'll be back to regular crafty unemployed bum news tomorrow. And I have to tell you that I feel bad about yesterday's post - I was too harsh on those public servants. Today they were really nice to me. We shared the pain together.


  1. well shiver me timbers. seriously tho, dont go getting cozy with public servants. we need you sitting in front a sewing machine. you know there will be a revolt if you stop making sunnyboys....

  2. It seems those kids in the audience in the first clip might be more excited about that long haired shanty singer...more so than the shanty's themselves.

  3. I used to sing a version of "were you ever in quebec" to my girls to get them to sleep. It's probably just as well I didn't have the drums, accordian and audience of x000, or it might not have worked.
    Thanks for the link.
    tres amusant

  4. Ah... Great Big Sea. How I love them!! Every time I'm back in Canada I try to catch them live, but to no avail yet. I reckon they'd just be so AMAZING live!!!


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