Tuesday, August 12, 2008


SPLAT!, originally uploaded by Edmis.

This morning, not 15 minutes after noticing that my bruises from the bike stack 10 days ago had almost faded, I walked out the back door and fell flat onto the freezing cold concrete porch. God knows how I managed that, but I think I need a chiropracter. Everything hurts and I feel all crooked.

I'm the queen of the uncoordinated.

One of the conditions of being made redundant in May was the promise of a fair whack of funding towards courses for "re-training". So that's what I'm currently doing. Today was the first day of one of the courses, and I swear I have never met a more humourless bunch of executives. They are so humourless they I don't think I want to re-enter the public service for fear of becoming just like them. I cracked a joke today, and they actually frowned at me. Frowned.

I shall have to remind myself that I know some very cool public servants who are both funny and clever. Otherwise I'll be a crafting unemployed bum forever.

Hopefully tomorrow will come and go quickly. Besides, I want to get back to what I love doing most - being a crafting unemployed bum.


  1. owwwwwwie, you poor thing! Hope you haven't done too much damage.
    Good luck with your course, sounds about as painful as a kick in the but with a golf shoe!

  2. Gosh, in the days when I took a public service redundancy it was more a case of don't let the door hit you on the way out. You had to sign something to the effect that you ain't never coming back baby! I'm not sure whether I think you are lucky ... or not?!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery from the fall today. Sounds like something I'd do.

  3. ouchiewowwa! That sounds very not nice.

    My dealings with civil servants on training coureses leads me to sympathise wholeheartedly with you.

  4. You can always sketch pretty bags and things while they drone on!

  5. Maybe the fall was the universe trying to tell you not to go to re-programming, i mean, re-training... I don't know what's worse though; boring PS training courses or those ones where they tell you about all the innovative, exciting things you could do - providing you weren't hog-tied by bureaucracy!

    And for the record, I may be a cool PS, but I'd MUCh rather be a crafting unembployed bum!

  6. um, please do try and stay upright a little bit, or at least as much as is required for you to remain a crafty unemployed bum. we like you like that!

  7. Oh no, you poor thing, that really doesn't sound like fun (the fall or the frowning public servants).

    Ahh... how I'd love to be a crafting unemployed person!

    Thanks for the comment on my post too, I can't believe that I'm an English teacher and forgot the apostrophe! A least I can say that I'm a pronunciation teacher....

  8. Hah! I left the public service because I was afraid I'd turn into one of those people (BTW - they check the state of their super daily and know to the minute how much long service leave they have!)

  9. Crafting bums are such lovely people though!! Hope you have recovered from the fall - maybe a sign you should have stayed at home making more lovelies for the shop! Great interview on Canberra's Got Style BTW.

  10. You fell again? Before going to a retraining thingy?! It's a sign!!!! A sign that you don't want to become a dour public servant (all awesome exceptions included). However, I don't think you couldf become a dour person. Your inner crafter would smack sense into you before that happened.

    Hope you feel fetter soon!

  11. I'm probably guilty of being the one with the dour reaction to a cheerful person on one of those courses... because the courses, I have a bad attitude to them!

    I hope you feel better soon. Are you sure it wasn't ice that made you fall? Icy concrete makes everyone clumsy.

  12. Ouch! No more falling please!

    I'd love to be an unemployed crafting bum. That'd totally rock. As long as I could still afford to buy lots of yarn and lots of patterns and lots of shoes. Sigh. If only I could be paid to be a crafty bum.

    And you could always join the private sector! Not that it'd necessarily be any different...

  13. Hope your crafting unemployed didn't end up too bruised.

  14. Ouch and ouch, life without humour, boring!

  15. Do I count on your cool public servant list? Having worked for ten years on securing a PPT role, I worked in it for 3 months and took a fulltime secondment - so now am working fulltime again (but for the State of NSW, so it isn't Federal service.) Is that PS enough for you?

    And I hear you on the humourless thing. It kind of makes them funnier.


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