Monday, August 11, 2008

This is ... a work in progress

This week's "This is" theme ties coincides with a post I was going to make about my effort in the Sweater Sprint in Ravelympics 2008.

I was originally going to make the
Barcelona jacket, but chickened out at the last minute. All the shapelessness and flouncy sleeves was making me nervous. I've already ripped out one cardi this year - I'd prefer not to repeat that experience in a hurry.

So I ended up switching to the
Matinee Swing Jacket (Ravelry link), which had been in my queue for some time. And boy, I'm pleased I did!

Matinee Swing Jacket WIP

I think it's going to turn out really nicely, even though I'm only on the back, and almost finished the decreases for the raglan shape. I had to go up size in hook to a 7 mm (with 7.5 mm for the foundation chain), but that's fine. I'm using some stunningly beautiful Bendigo Rustic in Red Currant. Love.

And I would love to sit my bottom on the sofa all day today and finish the back and maybe a front, but in very exciting news I scored a feature on the very clever blog Canberra's Got Style and I suddenly realised that the Buttontree Lane shelves are looking very bare.

So later on today, expect a mini-update of (hopefully) a matroyshka sunnyboy, some medium project bags, some needlebooks (including one in a fabulous new colour which I discovered while ferreting in my sewing room this morning) AND a neckwarmer.

Neck warmer 3

(I know a few of you have asked about the neckwarmers I made during Le Tour, but I didn't want to sell them because it would have infringed on the copyright of the designer. And anyone who knows me well knows I HATE copyright infringing. So I asked the lovely Mingling, and she agreed I could sell them, so I will. But I am also designing my own neckwarmer which I'm hoping will be very clever and very cute and ... oh you'll just have to wait and see!)


  1. Ooh, nice feature - congratulations!

  2. ooohhhhh - rushes off to stalk for the neckwarmer.
    The jacket looks great too - I love the colour

  3. You're a media star! Very much deserved, of course. Love how the jacket is coming along too.

  4. What a great feature. Hope it brings you lots more customers ... you deserve every success ... your stuff is fabulous. Hmmm ... and did I spy that there is a penguin sunnyboy in the pipeline ... I wish I hadn't seen that ... :)

  5. Thats so lovely that another crafter has agreed to let you sell them...yah for nice manners and generousity!

  6. Nice article - thanks for the mention! I've included your sunnyboy on my 'creations' page... I hope you don't mind! I love them!

  7. I can't wait to see the new design neck warmers! I might be needed one of those myself for winter later this year.


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