Friday, August 22, 2008

And is it really so strange?

Tilley's knitting and crochet

It's been a funny old week. I spent lots of time with friends, including a particularly wonderful Tilley's knit and crochet session with
Rosered, who was down from Sydney, and a few other lovely people. Time with my friends always lifts my spirits.


I received my very cute owl from the
Softies for Mirabel auction. Name? Pigwidgeon, of course.

I spent some time spent trying to fix up our front garden, levelling dirt, digging holes, planting and removing grass.

Squee fabric

A lot of time was spent sewing stuff for the
shop (which is now, thankfully, updated). I am so thankful that there are a bunch of Australian designers making such beautiful fabric for me to work with.

A little bit of time was spent finishing the Matinee Swing Jacket (there'll be photos some other time - the ones I currently have are craptacular).

But now I need to spend some time with me, and for me. I need a weekend of movies and sewing for pleasure. I want to pretty up my frog pond with some Japanese inspiration. I want to stop thinking so much. The weekend of me may well just turn into a week of me. One can only hope.

This post was originally so negative in tone, I was horrified and spent another four hours putting a positive spin on it. That's me - all about the happy. :(


  1. love the action knitting shot!

    Sorry your first draft was so negative. I hope it felt good to at least write it down and then wipe it away!

  2. Enjoy your weekend.... me time is essential for recharging. And, looking forward to seeing the jacket!

  3. Those are lovely fabrics! And I love the little owl plushie!

  4. Hope you have just the weekend you need. Those fabrics are beautiful, and that owl is adorable.

  5. Sounds like next time Cedric drives past he will be thrilled with the work you have done in the garden.

    Nothing like a sale at The Garden to inspire getting outside and dirty. I was digging compost into my garden yesterday in 10 degrees wearing a t-shirt!

  6. It is Sunday now 7.30am I am up but I hope you are having a lovely sleep in and a relaxing day ahead.

  7. Beautiful - and love Pidgewidgeon! - enjoy, recharge, rest and recreate!!!

  8. I'm a bit of a fair weather friend, so I'll be back when you're feeling better.

    Hope that's soon though.

    I lost my bag on the Newport Pagnall.

  9. The owl is just lovely. Prettying up your frog pond sounds really satisfying. I hope you get some great 'me' time.

  10. Hope you get a spring in your step soon! The Japanese inspiration for the garden will be beautiful. Tilleys would be a perfect place for knitting/crocheting, when's the next one?!

  11. Hi there! I found you through your etsy shop. I googled your shop names with blogger and here I am. You are so very talented. I hope that it is ok for me to pop in from time to time? Kindest Regards, Nicole.


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