Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1

So the first day of Me-Made-March '11 has been and gone. I am lucky that I didn't have to go to any effort to find this outfit, as it's a regular in my work wardrobe. Taking a photo at 7 am on a dark cloudy morning wasn't the greatest idea though - and I've had to do some terrible Picniking to the photos as a result. (I haven't installed photoshop on my new computer yet - tragedy!)

March 1

This is an outfit I made a couple of months ago, but never blogged. The skirt is McCall's 2873, just like the Christmas Skirt, only I've lined it because the cotton fabric was quite see-through (it's from Tessuti's, in case you were wondering - and it's just fab). I also am really, really unhappy with this skirt in general. The lining, which was way shorter than the skirt when I made it, now peeks out under the hemline. The skirt seems to have shrunk even though it was prewashed, yet I have lost a little bit of weight so it now swims on me and I am forever adjusting it when I walk. I have decided to remove the facing, take it in (perhaps to pencil skirt proportions), raise the lining, and add a waistband.

The blouse, however, I am very proud of. It is a silk/cotton blend with a red thread woven into it which I bought from The Fabric Store on Brunswick St in Melbourne. I love how crushed looking it is, even after ironing. You can't see the front very well in the photo above, but it is an adaptation of the gathered-neck dresses I've made this summer. I've lengthened it, and added a button-up back variation. This is the part I love the best. Plus I got to use some of my vintage buttons.

March 1

My biggest task this week is to head into the sewing room and adjust a whole heap of skirts that are in danger of looking like potato sacks. Hopefully at least one will be done tonight. Otherwise tomorrow I'll be wearing a me-made crocheted scarf and duds that I've purchased.

Oh - you should go and check out Bron's blog too. She's doing the Me-Made-March '11 challenge with me (it was her idea to start with), plus she's a whole lot cuter.


  1. dude! you're too kind! haha
    I LOVE the shirt - the crinklyness along with the straight lines reminds me of paper!
    And the print on the skirt is ace too!

  2. You always find the most beautiful fabrics. I get so intimidated by things like that... I must try harder!

  3. Ooh nice combo, I really like the print on the skirt, and the button up back on the top. Any excuse to use vintage buttons is a good excuse!


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