Sunday, March 6, 2011



Autumn is here.


A feeling of sloughing off the old stuff pervades the air so richly, that I can smell it.

Dead buddleia

I'm really tired and worn out. Last month I started a Twitter account, but I suspect it's days are numbered. I almost deleted my Ravelry account last week, but stopped myself at the last minute.

Crab Apple

Why is it that autumn makes me want to take a loofah to life, scrub it all off, and put on something fresh to wear? And I'm not talking about sewing something new, either.


Maybe a holiday is in order.


  1. Beautiful photos Michelle! I hope some new inspiration or opportunities present themselves sometime soon that give you new energy! Sometimes it's good to just take time out from all the usual stuff and have a good hard look at what you're doing that you are in the habit of doing but maybe don't enjoy any more as much as you once did! Treat yourself to a lovely morning tea this week and re-energise just a little! I really enjoy reading your new posts on my newsfeed... you're inspiring! Oh, and I keep seeing your work with a friend who is making socks from her little bag you made! :-) This is just to let you know you've spread the warmth around!!! Take care! Mairi

  2. Autumn can be a bit gloomy can't it, especially if there hasn't been much of a summer. Some autumns, I have to cut the garden all back, others I like the form of the seed heads etc.

    Twitter is hard I find, too scattered, too much information about too many things. I prefer Facebook, more manageable and easier to dip in and out of. But even that is a trap. Oh, the perils of the internet!

    Hope you get to have a holiday or some treat that helps you recharge!

  3. Oh no! I'm enjoying chatting to you on Twitter - maybe just a twitoliday is in order?
    Hope you're feeling better?

  4. Holidays are good. A few days at the coast last week and a bit of pampering at the day spa did wonders for me. I recommend it.


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